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Emergency Evacuation In Workplace

Emergency Evacuation in workplace is an immediate escape of people from the area that contains threat or hazards.

Emergency Evacuation In Workplace – Introduction

The company culture needs to focus on the safety within an organization is significant. Reduction in the injuries would definitely decrease the business costs. The increase in injuries or lack of proper safety measures in an emergency evacuation in workplaceorganization would bring a chaos. Safety among the workers is a great way for bringing loyalty or engagement in workers. The quality of the organization is enhanced typically when standards of safety are executed. Adequate practices of dealing with sexual harassment, the physical working unit like shipping or receiving department. The healthcare policies of the daycare center for the organization. The culture of awareness for tackling emergencies and uncertainties could be focused.

Why the Issue Is Important

There were different issues that faced by the organizational core culture of safety implementation is the vital decision or necessary choice. Environment recognized as highly productive would establish from health and safety of company or business. The rate of the absenteeism would decrease with increase in policies, rules and procedures of safety programs.

The premises of the organization would reach utmost standards with an implementation of clean, safe culture. The workers or employees would remain happy as conditions of the safe environment are provided to them. The claims put from the employees would lower down as safest environment offer them as a great incentive. The protection of the highly worthy asset of the company of its workforce would remain protected. The customer retention is the ultimate possibility of choice as programs, rules or initiatives regarding safety in the workplace are adapted.

A Review of the Policies and Procedures

The company needs to focus on the policies and the procedures so that better environment could be achieved, as the company in this way can set the aim of the policies and that why the policies are developed. First, there is need to focus on the acceptable and unacceptable behavior within the organization, and for the unacceptable behavior, the policies need to be implemented. In the organizations, there is need of the proper code of conduct, as there should be the internet and email policies, recruitment policy, and drug and alcohol policies etc.

Policies and Procedures Need to be Implemented

In the organization there is need to implement the policies so that there could be the respect for each other’s, other policies can be made like, the anti-harassment policies, equal opportunities for all, nondiscrimination, better personal relationships, diversity and community, whistle blowing regulations, illegal activity etc.

Benefits of Workplace Policies

There are several benefits of the workplace policies, as the employment legislation could be maintained and the functions could be operated in an efficient manner, its ensure uniformity, there are operational procedures which could be handled quickly. The foster stability could be focused and it clarifies the responsibilities.

 Rights and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the HR person of the company to focus on the causes creating issues in the company. Through suspecting the causes, the information is gained that there is uncertainty in organizational processes. However, it is the responsibility now to focus on the organizational matters and make the better condition there. After suspecting the causes the focus should be on, open communication so that people could have freedom to speak, there should be the better working environment for the employees, equal opportunity programs should be implemented and there is need to handle the specific grievances and conflict within the organization.

Daycare Centre

In the daycare center, the company was not providing the effective care to the children of the employees, as the daycare worker are calling in sick, there was the high rate of the absenteeism, lack of sanitization, garbage cans overflowing etc. The issues were there in from the health point of view, so the changing and strictness need to be done, as the company needs to do the recruitment of new staff, deduction in salaries of absenteeism, supervision on daily basis.

Shipping or Receiving Unit

There were the issues in the shipping unit, which should be changed, as there were unawareness of workplace hazards, usage of marijuana at work and several injuries etc. The company needs to follow the health and safety act in this way, as the adequate training could be given to workers, the awareness of the dangerous substances and the company should focus on safe operations.

Sexual Harassment

There was the issue of sexual harassment, as Shirley was sexually harassed and victimized, by the co-worker and Shirley was afraid of Joe. However, there were rumors about them. The organizational policies need to be focused in this way, example, whistle-blowing regulations, training at the job, promptly investigate.


The emergency was bad like nervous behavior, emergency evacuation, and smoldering trash. Through staying focus on the policies of the company, the betterment could be there in the process. The company should educate the workers, there is the need to provide protection and support, there is the need to monitor and revise the policy.

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