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Electric Cars Battery Problems and Solutions

The Problems Regarding Battery in an Electronic Vehicles


The chargers that are being used by the electronic vehicles can create the problems, as many of theElectric Cars Battery Problems and Solutions companies in the electronic vehicle industry are facing problem regarding the battery, there are various types of batteries. The companies who are aware of the customer choices and are successful in targeting the customer through telling them or inventing the new technology are getting benefits. However, there are various problems including the battery problem, which electronic vehicles have to face (Larminie & Lowry, 2012). All the problem that can be faced by the companies are interlinked with the batteries problems, there could be voltage, temperature issues, which can reduce or decreases the life of the batteries, various types of batteries and their issues needed to be considered for the advantages in the electronic vehicle industry example, the vehicles load carrying capacity can create problems.

The Function of the Device:

The electronic vehicle is designed for the performance that can be helpful or can be convenient for the vehicles like cars, the battery of the cars can be designed and benefited by the device, and the cost is being focused so the maximum production can be done at the lower cost and at the large scale. However, the device has the various functions, example there are diverse or different types of batteries and that can be charged by the device. The device electronic vehicle can be considered as the battery that can increase the life cycle of the batteries because it is designed in the way and has the charging characteristics.

There are different types of batteries in the electronic vehicle industry example, the sealed lead acid battery, Nickel metal hybrid battery, Lithium ion battery etc. All the batteries have the different functions and are designed differently, however in the case of the sealed lead acid battery, the battery if not charged properly then cannot last under the load. Charger is equally important as the other things, which are necessary to keep vehicles up-to-date. The life of a hybrid battery is very long, it is more reliable ad durable, but there is need of a large amount of the energy. Moreover, Lithium battery has advantages, it is found in the portable product and can be used on the daily basis. All the points and importance is being considered, by the electronic vehicle, according to the benefits and lifetime or time period of the batteries.

Methods of Charging:

As we have discussed earlier that batteries can be benefited because long life of batteries could be there through using the electric vehicles, therefore to provide the benefits there are focus on the constant voltage by the electric vehicles, however, in some stages the battery is decreased to the zero, which means that the battery is fully charged. The constant current method which is being focused while producing the electric vehicles is maintained the constant current so there could be benefits to the higher degree or value by providing the constant current (Pistoia, 2010).

The focus is on the various points while considering the importance of the battery regarding the electronic vehicles, the point that is being focused include the timer, temperature cutoff, temperature change rate, delta temperature, minimum current, voltage drop, the limit if voltage and voltage change rate etc. The charging stations can also be responsible for providing the voltage to the batteries, as the electronic vehicles are potentially supported by the charging schemes or the processes that are being followed.

Compatibility and Solution:

There are various companies that are focused on maintaining the batteries because they want to meet the international standard, in the electric vehicles industry, there are several vehicles manufacturers, the competition is getting tough, there are few manufacturers that are focused on the combustion engine vehicles, there are the range of the hybrid cars (Garcia-Valle & Lopes, 2012). Companies are getting benefits because they are focused on different types of batteries, the companies are targeting the customers by telling them the importance of batteries, I would that attract the customer through telling them the importance of batteries for life can be a perfect solution.

Physical Appearance and Performance:

The marketers have to know about the importance of the physical appearances, this is the reason that electronic vehicles are being designed in a way so that consumers can be attracted, the consumers if like the design they appreciate it;  focusing on designs can be a good way to grabs the attention of the consumers. However, the design of the can also cause the failure of the company in the market, there is the focus on the design regarding the electronic vehicles so benefits could be attained (Shankar, Carpenter, & Farley, 2012).

The international standards also need to consider or follow while designing the battery or the other related things. International standards by the countries are beneficial, as for the company and for the customers for using the product.

Possible Solutions:

The companies in the electronic vehicle industry are bounded by many obligations and there could be problems, which are needed to be considered, however, to deal with the problems possible steps can be considered like improving the anode design, battery swapping, wireless charging, constant voltage, constant current, battery bank, booster battery pack, energy storage, generator set etc.

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