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Effects of Dropping Out of Schools

Dropout in Schools

Every child has a right of education, through education the personality, talents, mental and physical abilities are developed. According to the Alliance for the Excellence Education (AEE), (2011), estimated that about 1.3 million American students from schools dropout every year, and the sad part is most of them are youth. The fact that o many student do not complete their education, is the long-term economic outlook of U.S, that same wages are given are the age of 18 and 67, the one who is not educated.

The problems or issue of schools dropout is difficulty, by the students, in understanding orEffects of Dropping Out of Schools balancing the social life and education, the skills are valued and problems could faced by many students, example, socioeconomic or the after school programs status. The students are lacking interest in studies; they face difficulties in understanding the teachers and in learning processes (Rumberger, 2011).

Not going to school or drop out in a school is a big issues, for a person him/her self and for the country; every country need the determined and brilliant people, especially the youth, because the nation and future growth of country depends on them. It is an issue because the student who are not interested in studied or do not understand the relevant course, they will show no interest in studies, and they will be mostly likely to commit crimes, can start taking drugs, there life will be spoiled, and will be useless for the country. Students have negative attitude towards school, risks factors could be for the family, individual, school or the community, they will earn less than educated people, there socioeconomic status could suffer, people may not respect them and cannot provide facilities to themselves and families. One personality could suffer a lot, as when he/she will become dependent on the family or government. There are two phenomenon needed to understand, the individual perspective and the institutional perspective (APA, 2011).

Dropout can never compete with the one, who is educated, dropouts may be more talented, but forEffects of Dropping Out of Schools the communities and country, the dropouts can never be equal. Dropouts have to face critics from the society, and they can suffer a lot in their future life, government, and society need to understand their feeling, and try to seek out their problems. Dropout could suffer pain, they could be going in depression, and their mental and physical capabilities may be affected.

Dropout need to be cared as their performance could be better in the future, the dropout rates cost, our society a lot of money, to save them from bad activities is important, if they are not cared they can commit various type of crimes, over 80% of the criminals are school dropouts. They should remain in the school, staying in school can allow them to value learning, and they can value the learning path (Lynch & Mississippi, 2015).

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