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Economics of the European Union

With Particular Reference to What has been Called the “Real Price” of Oil, Discuss Two Possible Developments in Air Transport in the E.U. Over the Next 10 Years

The Europe lags behind the USA in the field of space researches, they are not coordinated and scattered in various national programs and the centers. One of members of the European commission has declared that competitiveness of the European aviation industry depends on researches. As he said, if Europe wishes to keep the value in the aviation world, it should not split up the research programs or be scattered by resources, that undoubtedly occurs because of absence of coordination.

Recently in Hamburg the conference “the Sight-2020” took place. It was aimed at exploring the main directions for aircraft production in Europe; the plan was proposed for nearest 20 years. As the key directions the following have been named:

  1. The fivefold reduction of the number of aviation incidents;
  2. The reduction of a level of aviation noise;
  3. The reduction by 50% of CO2 level (reduction of the fuel charge);
  4. The reduction of NOX level by 80%;
  5. Introduction of systems, which can operate 16 million flights a year (three times more, than today), round-the-clock work of the airports, increase in comfort for passengers (Kassim, 2007).

Economics of the European Union

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