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Driving Team Effectiveness by Korn Ferry

The article Driving Team Effectiveness by Korn Ferry has the influence on the reasons that why teams fail inDriving Team Effectiveness by Korn Ferry the organization, there is the importance of team management is given that how individual or manager can contribute towards the developing the team so the team should become high performing. For the better result by the team member, there is need to give them proper guidance and support, T7 model of a team is given by the Korn Ferry, there are also other models but when the other models are compared to it; it discovered as effective.

  • In this modern world, every organization needs to have the team management skills, because if teams are performing well then there could be the better result, for the competitive advantages Korn/Ferry T7 model has proved to be effective through evaluation of the literature.
  • Teams fail because employees are not trained well, there could be problems example in managing the team example; employees are the lack of interpersonal skills, there are no effective meetings, there are difficulties in problem solving, team members are not appreciated etc.
  • For the motivation of the employees, there is the need to focus on the models of team effectiveness, T7 model is proved effective, Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger developed this model first in 1995. They said that there are five inside team factors and two outside team factors. According to them, these factors are the key facts to influence the team.
  • For the high performance of the team and for the effective leadership fit, the five internal factors given were, thrust, trust, talent, teaming skills, task skills etc.
  • The two external factors are team-leader fit and team support from the organization, of these two factors there is the discussion about that how the team leader can satisfy the need of team members and how their to perform can be enabled.
  • Further, there is some other team effectiveness models have been discussed, as the GRPI model. In which there is a pyramid, the guidance is given, elaborating the goals, roles, processes and interpersonal relations.
  • The Katzenbach and Smith model, focused on the basics of the team, LaFasto and Larson model describes the teamwork and collaboration dynamic, Hackman model, Lencioni model is also discussed.
  • In the end of the article, it is stated that for the success of the teams, the goals and purposes need to be clearly defined and there should be the culture of respect, acceptance, and trust.

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