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Diversity Plan for Business Organization

Important Suggestion & Consideration Report On A Diversity Plan


It is important to introduce some important aspects of diversity before going into more details for my friend that what diversity issues are present in his organization and what he should do to develop a comprehensive diversity plan. For every business organization, it is crucial to understand that diversity is important for them for so many reasons. Diversity in a workplace comes with different aspects like race, color, gender, religion, age etc. So, a workplace will be more effective, if it would allow diversity to shape in. It means that more diversity will bring in more colors to an organization and they can deal things in a better way. Diversity allows an organization to get views, experience and opinions from different set of people. A diverse workplace is more attractive for the skilled and experienced employees as compared to non-diverse workplace.

The Information Needed From My Friend From Diversity Perspective

The basic issue has been conveyed to me that my friend’s firm is dealing with the issue of lack of diversity. As a CEO, my friend has been told that while their firm started to look for a senior VP for HR, the majority of them are white. Moreover, it is important to include the presence of women at a workplace, but again the firm is having majority of men working there. This fact has raised a lot of questions on the diversity of the firm that whether it is not allowing diversity, or they did not had information that how to include diversity in their firm. One issue is very much clear that white people are in majority along with male employees, which concludes that firm is not having enough employees from other races and groups, and women are also not given a fair representation.

Diversity Plan for Business Organization

But this information is not good enough for me to suggest any diversity plan and strategy; rather I need more detailed information about my friend’s firm to see where they actually stand right now, what their work culture is, and how they can inject diversity. So, my friend should tell me more about the nature of their work. It is important to see that what kind of business a firm is doing. Like if a company is providing different services like customer services, then they can certainly include diverse team of employees including women. But if a company is dealing in any business, which is more related to men, then it is hard to include fair amount of women in such business. So, I must know the nature of work in their firm, and he has told me that they are running a services company, which provides different IT software & hardware service solutions to their clients and customers.

Moreover, I also need to know that how many departments they have. More departments would allow them to inject more diversity in their workplace. Moreover, if they have any regional or specific departments dealing customers from any specific region or industry, then it would be more viable for them to include diverse team of employees in different departments. The diversity of departments and team would allow them to explore more growth and opportunities with people from different backgrounds. For instance, a person from white group can advise on the psychology of potential white customers, a black executive can give thoughts on the behavior of his/her black community. Same goes for people from different genders, ages as well as religions. They all can give beneficial input for their firm to have a diverse think tank, which explores for more sustainable opportunities. The last thing that I want to know is the objective of the firm’s diversity plan. And do they have enough time and resources to allow diverse team of people to adjust in their firm.

Suggestion For A Comprehensive Diversity Plan

After looking at some important aspects of my friend’s firm and its current issues in terms of diversity, I would like to consider various things and give few valuable suggestions, which would allow them to deal with their current diversity issues, and would make them a more diverse firm in the future. I have identified a serious issue in the firm that it lacks any expertise in terms of diversity at workplace. So, my first important suggestion for the firm is to develop a Diversity Board. The firm should include employees from all cultures in this panel of the board, who are willing to make their valid contribution in this regard. The responsibility of this board would be to analyze the situation in the firm and conduct sessions with employees to eliminate any discrimination issues for diverse set of employees. Moreover, this board will be responsible to plan out a diversity policy, and recommend their suggestions to HR department to ensure that how much diversity workforce is needed.

Moreover, I would suggest them to get help from our expert consultants to conduct diversity training sessions on regular basis. They need to understand that inducting diverse workforce is not enough; the management of diversity is also crucial. If firm will have diverse set of employees, but employees will not understand and respect their differences, and do not know how to deal with people, who are different from them, then diversity issues will develop, which will have a severe bad impact of firm’s overall performance. So, their employees will need regular training sessions to know that how they can treat each other regardless of their cultural or other kind of diversity. In addition to that the firm should incorporate a hiring policy by keeping some standard diversity guidelines to ensure that their HR department keeps diversity in mind while hiring new resources. The skill and experience should not be the only agenda to hire employees.

      It is important for the firm to understand that diversity is not only important on lower level of workforce; the leadership of the firm should also demonstrate diversity. Therefore, I strongly recommend them to hire leaders with diverse cultures and backgrounds so that they can also facilitate and encourage diversity in their subordinates. The firm should ensure that their holiday calendar is diverse too. It means that holidays for employees should be managed as per their religion, culture and important events. It would make employees more loyal and committed to the firm, and their productivity & performance will increase with such gestures from their firm. The firm should follow strategies which would allow them to develop a global mindset bracing diversity. On the other hand, the firm should also remember that accountability is important in every aspect of the business including diversity. So, they should strict policies for any kind of discrimination and bias shown by any employee or higher management.

           One more suggestion for the firm is to speed up their hiring process and hire employees from different backgrounds and cultures so that some kind of quick diverse workforce is developed. They need to closely evaluate that which kind of employee are no more needed and they can be replaced with a more diverse and skilled workforce. Likewise they can also start a mentor ship program to develop good relationships between managers and employees. A manager may have any bias or discrimination any set group of employees, but mentor ship program will bring them together on the same page. I would also suggest that if initially the firm’s HR is not able to hire diverse set of employees, then firm should contact with job placement firms, and ask them to hire diverse workforce for them. In the end, it is important for the firm to have monitoring system working under  to analyze and prepare diversity related reports after regular intervals. These are some of the viable and considerable suggestions for the firm to manage & handle diversity issues and promote more diversity at workplace.

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