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Difference Between Criminal and Civil Court System

Civil Court:

In states and federal courts, different rules implemented in state codes of civil procedure and federal rules provide the granting of dismissals in civil actions. The basic aim of dismissal is to enhance the efficiency and speedy justice administration that help in avoiding delays of court.

A dismissal prejudice is a rendered on merits all lawsuits that stop the same suit against the same defendant. This type of harsh punishments prevent for next time. The possibility of such acts by plaintiff for the use of dilatory tactics helps to avoid wrong actions. The cause of actions become the reason of dismiss court if prosecute not appear. Within the time of commencing actions, its obligation of prosecute to due diligence. After passage of time, it affects the defendant’s right if the preparation of defendant hurts. No dismissal given in case of any personal reasons or in any delay. When parties are willing in negotiation the controversy then not dismissal provide for prejudice.

Criminal court:

Criminal law explain crimes and many related punishment. Its procedure explain the process from where enforce the criminal laws. Crimes are having different types like misdemeanors or felonies according to nature and different punishment are given on crimes. Felony includes serious punishment or imprisonment. A prescribe law is made by government in case of misdemeanor misconduct.

Different laws are made for punishing different crimes. Courts are working in this regard, they provide safety to general public; make different rules and regulations for people. Criminal courts are deal for criminal offences. They give punishment to all criminals and suit them against their crime. Civil laws are also made for the convenience of people it help people to secure their rights and lawfully do any action who have proper authority of doing things. Now we discuss difference between criminal court and civil court.

Civil case start in court when a person also known as plaintiff, declare a claim that some other person not carry out a duty owed which its legal responsibility. Both defendant and plaintiff called parties and litigants. The first party requests the court to tell other one to complete its responsibilities or do some compensation against all the losses or both. Legal rights include all rights make under federal or state law. Suits can be file in any court. Individuals, federal government and corporations can suit files in court of federal laws.in case of any violation of rules or rights.

Criminal case starts when a person does any crime known as indictment or information. On behalf of people state file suit against the criminal person.it in not the responsibility of victim to case file in any criminal case. Like in case of kidnapping, government arrest the kidnapper because victim not in the position to take any action. When any case deal in the court, four elements are play key role which are very much helpful in solving the cases according to the laws made to solve them in order to maintain the proper justice in the court.

According to my analysis the hearing of the cases are when on working then it would include all the evidences provided by both the parties in terms of wanting the result positive or in its favor because both the parties wanted to hear the results in their favor. The matter that involved court in it is that when someone violates the rules of the court or in order to violation of the laws made by the government that person is presented to the court. He then sued on the violation and presented in the court before judges. First he caught in jail till his hearings came. After that he has been presented in the court in front of the judges with all the facts and evidences provided by the victim’s lawyer. The court then provides the results that what punishment should be given to the prisoner. There is a massive difference in the civil court and criminal court hearings. Civil courts specifically receivers the cases that are related to the common people rules violation and their improper behavior with the other civilians. Criminal courts receive the cases that are related to the cases like murders, kidnapping and other theft problems and issues as well.

Criminal cases are very much in amount because people now a day finds it easy to do a crime and earn money for their family living standards. Criminal cases are sometimes very much critical that they find it very much difficult to conclude it whether it should go positive or whether it go negative as well. It depends on the evidences provided by the l\lawyers of the criminals and the other party that was affected by the crime of that criminal. Sometimes some criminals are very much share that they do not leave any clear evidence at the place of crime. So without evidence sometimes some cases became very much lengthy for the hearing and sometimes remain unconcluded.

Criminal cases are very much sensitive as well because they include some situations that are very much critical to manage and sometimes it became very much pressure by some higher authorities that it became very much difficult for the people who are innocent who can save themselves from the negative aspect of the hearing result. There are some similarities in between criminal and civil court hearing is that they both include complete evidences and they both include proper results on as less as possible time.

In some situation I will prefer that they should perform best in terms of answering both the parties properly and in time of confusions they must take time so that positive and actual results will came in the end. The criminal and civil courts will provide the good results when their efficiencies of working will improved by their services providers and as well by the government who are supporting them and taking care of them in running them properly and efficiently as well as showing positive and timely results as well.

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