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Difference Between Cartilage, Ligaments and Tendons


Cartilage could be described as smooth elastic tissues or a rubber-like padding that is covering and protecting theDifference Between Cartilage, Ligaments and Tendons long bones, from the ends at the joints, however, it is a structural component of the ear, nose, rib cage bronchial, inter-verbal disc, the tubes, the other body components also have cartilage. It is not hard or rigid but is less flexible than the muscles, the main purpose of the cartilage is to hold the tubes open in the body, it is less flexible than muscles or it is stiffer.

There can be many causes of the cartilage damages, example, and the direct below, in this, the joint receives the heavy impacts, and it may occur during the bed fall or an accident, however, in such cases, the cartilage can be damaged. Wear and tear can be another type, as the joint in this case can experience the long-term stress and can be damage. People with obesity are more likely to damage their knee over the age of 20 years, as compared to the people who are slim or have the less weight. Another cause of cartilage damage is a lack of the movement, when there is no movement in the joints, one cartilage can be damaged, as there is the need to move regularly for the healthy life.

Cartilage damage most commonly affects the knees, wrist, ankle, shoulder etc. other body parts example hips jointsDifference Between Cartilage, Ligaments and Tendons can also be affected. There are the symptoms of the cartilage damage, as from which a person can know that his cartilage has damaged, the patients with the damaged cartilage can experience, inflammation, stiffness, range limitation etc. However, inflammation can be like the swelling and the difference of body temperature than the other body parts, it can be painful and the person cannot freely move the affected limb (Nordqvist, 2016).

Ligaments and Tendons

Ligaments can be described as connective tissues that are attached from bones to bones and its function is to hold the structure together. Ligaments keep the structure stable; however, it extends from a bone to bone, at a joint and allows the simple and complex motions of the body. Throughout the body, the ligaments come in the verity of the sizes, as there are different shapes, which support, stabilize and support the joints of the body. Moreover, tendons are the connected tissues made up of the fiber; they are attached from muscles to the bones, they are generally attaching the muscles to the bones example eyeball. Tendons have the functions to move the structure and the bones.

Ligaments can occur when the joint face stress beyond the normal range, mostly, athletes have the ligamentsDifference Between Cartilage, Ligaments and Tendons injuries, there may be the fracture of the knee and ankle. However, the main causes of the ligaments injuries are landing awkwardly or twisting etc. The joint when fully stretched can cause the tear away, from the bones. The symptoms of ligaments are sudden pain and the severe swelling on the affected area. There can be the joint instability or a patient cannot walk or run.

The most common type if the tendon is tendinitis, which means the inflammation, tendinitis, may also refer to the tiny tissues, which are around the tendons and can cause by the overuse. However, there can be the tendon injury, which may cause by the jobs, daily activities or sports etc, one may not able to get up easily in the morning, if have the damage tendons. Tendons can cause the body stiffness, worse pains, loss of the strength, of the affected areas or body, warm temperature. There can be crunchy sound hear when one use the tendon affected area (Aldwin & Gilmer, 2013).

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