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Dick’s SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis


Wal-Mart is the best retailer, across the U.S, this is the reason that Dick’s sporting goods are facing the competition in the market, as customers also satisfied from the services of Wal-Mart and customers are getting what they want just on a click. Wal-Mart is satisfying the customers by giving them the sporting goods at the reasonable price, there are the sporting goods from the different companies, Wal-Mart import sporting goods from the different countries and selling in the market. The customers are getting good quality products at the reasonable prices, based on such fact, the company Dick’s is facing tension, because consumers can be more attracted towards the other brands.

Dick’s SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis

SWOT AnalysisDick's SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis

For every company it is necessary to identify the SWOT analysis, so that the processes of the company could be known and the company becomes able to understand about the process that are currently going and that are need to be implement (Berger, 2011). The company, Dick’s Sporting Goods identifies its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the company, so that there could be the analysis of the stakeholder and the services given to them. However, the company also did the analysis or study of the outside opportunities and the threats, so that actions can be identified.


The company has the strengths as the company is managing its supply chain very well based on this reason the company Dick’s Sporting Goods is earning the good market share, because the customer are satisfied from the services, the company have the heavy R&D and have the strong position and reputation in the market. However, it is also the strength of the company that the company has the strong financial position; the company has managed the good inventory and has the brand recognition.


The company also has the weakness, as based on the analysis the company identified that has the small online presences, may be based on the reason that the company has the maximum customers in the market or the company do not need more brand recognition, the company has the sub-brands and the loyal customers. Another weakness could be the higher prices of the products, as there are many other brands in the market, who are offering the same products and services on the minimum prices.


The company Dick’s Sporting Goods has many other opportunities in the market, the company had already identified the opportunities and this is the reason that the company is successful. There are still more opportunities as the company can do the product expansion, and could emerge in the abroad market, the company has the brand recognition so this would be beneficial for the company to go global. The company can also do the innovation of the new products, there could be online marketing, by target the customers or by giving the values, through inline services, there could be more benefits. The company can also focus on the aging population, by giving them the benefits related to the providing cloths or other issues can resolved like health concerns.


There are many threats to the company. The main threat could be the country economy, as if there are jobless people in the country or if the people have the minimum wages, or economy falls, then there could be threats to the company because the prices of the company products are very high and people may unable to afford the products. There could be the product substitutes in the market or there can be external forces that can affect the market, example, government or taxes etc. There are low cost competitors in the market, as the companies are manufacturing the products at lower cost.


There are limitations on the SWOT analysis, as there could be focus on the internal strengths and the external threats can be down play. The SWOT can be seen as the statics position.

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Four Ps:


Dick’s Sporting Goods have so many products in the market, especially the products, which emphasis on the healthier life style, as there are the retailers and the company has the apparel, equipments and foot wares.


The company Dick’s Sporting Goods has set the prices that have leading market position, in the market; the company market position is generated on the competitive prices. Mostly, the products prices are high because of the good quality.


Company has the outlets and good services 24/7 are given to the customers, there are the facilities of the home delivery and assembling of the fitness equipments. Company also has managed the club, repair and maintenance, sales haunting and fishing license, paintball, arrow cutting, mounting and bore sighting services etc.


The company is focused on the promotional strategies, as there are the 4 regional distribution centers. Company has the attractive billboards and advertisements, 480 stores and the 45 state, the company has the 1200 plus vendors.

Porter’s Five Forces:

Threat of New Entry

There are the threats of the entry, as the Dick’s have the good market position in the market; the company has the number of stores and the sporting goods that are admirable, however, the company has higher as one-stop shop, the company has the strong sales force and financing. The company products are focused on the differentiation, the company is following the governmental policies and the laws.

Threat of Substitution

The company has the threats of the competitors, as could be bargain brands and the economic factors can affect the sales. However, brands which are non-sports or non-outdoor can be get effectiveness in the market.

Power of the Suppliers

The suppliers has less power, as there are vendors with no long-term purchase commitment, the company can threaten to switch the vendors, the customers are highly competitive so company is no bounded by the suppliers, the company has no credible threat for the forward integration.

Power of the Buyers

The buyer does not have much influence on the company because company has many customers across the world. The customers have the shop for the favorable prices and there can be the selective purchases. However, there could be the economic factors that can change the buying habits.

Competitive Rivalry

The Dick’s company has some of the competitors in the market, there is the intense rivalry in the industry, the products may be relatively undifferentiated but the company has the good name and loyal customers in the market. However, the exits barriers may be high for the company, due to some social factors (Shilbury, Westerbeek, Quick, Funk, & Karg, 2014).

PEST Analysis

Political Environment

Dick's SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis

Political factors may also influence the company as wages of the people impact nationally and on

the products. If the politics take the initiative for the people well-being and support the other physical education programs, then the mind of the people can be converted to play the sports, due to such factors there could be increases in the sales for Dick’s Sporting Goods Company.

Economic Environment

Company is also affecting by the economical factors, as due to the 2008 recession, Dick has faced the hit in the industry because the consumers spend more on the lower prices products, however, the sales were still there. There is also the seasonal performance, the company sales is related with the seasonal spending.

Social Environment

The social environment is can also influence on the company sales, as nowadays social awareness of a healthy lifestyle is increasing in the people; people are motivated to look more good and fit. The social media and the blogs are promoting the healthier lifestyles; even restaurants are also offering the healthy food with fewer calories, so the people could eat. The company is getting the advantages on such factors because the customers are becoming trendy and buying more products from company (Office & Murray-Webster, 2010).

Technological Environment

The company gets the beneficial results as due to the technological factors that are influencing on the company, mobile shopping is increasing and getting the popularity, the study give results that the tablet visitors spend more money than the Smartphone visitors, there is 3 times more increase in the shopping.


Company is following good strategies, the company includes premium items for the people in sports, the company offers the wide range of the goods and services to the customers, so they can be satisfied, and the company has the well-managed strategies. The company is focused on differentiation and offering the discounts to the customers, there are the discount retailers and internet-based retailers.

Authentic Sporting Goods Retailers

The company has focused on the merchandising selection, there are the authentic athletic equipments, the customers, seek genuine, this is the reason they trust on the company and the company is still focused on providing the technological features to the customer, through the new products offerings.

Strategic Marketing

The company has the designed the loyalty towards the customers, the company through traditional channels, focused on increasing the sales; however, company is focused on expanding the relationships with the customers. They have the scorecard loyalty programs, so that the customer stay involved.

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