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Development in Aviation Department

Aviation Department

Aviation is actually a term used for designing, production, operation and to begin the operation in aircraft. Aircraft are designed based on a special design, which is designed by special architects in their department. This designing are depends on many factors such as customer and manufacturers demand, safety risks in aircraft, and on the budget and technology constraints related to the development.

The designs are processed for some specific reasons. There are two types of aircraft’s designed one is that who carry passengers from one place to another. Other is the aircraft, which takes luggage also called cargo from one place to another. These are designed according to the capacities thee required to fill the aircraft with passengers as well as luggage according to the weight and size as well.

Development in Aviation Department

The other type of aircraft is used as fighter planes, which are used in the army for protection of country purposes at the time of war if happened. These planes are designed lightweight and equipped with the fighting equipment and missiles as well which became helpful at the time of need. There is another important factor that influences the designing of aircraft is the involvement of political persons.

There are many stages of building an aircraft which are conceptual designing, preliminary designing, and detailed designing. Conceptual designing based on the designing of wings, flight body and geometry aspects of planes. In this method, fast mathematical estimation methods are required to fulfill these designing steps.

The other stage is preliminary designing in which, more detailed discussion and calculations are done for the designing of guts and ground loads. In addition, the detailed designing is done by the complete designing of each step. It needs a detailed and very deep designing of aircraft with detailed working on it and remains very calculative with designing.

Few common mistakes can be done in this step, which may be the wrong calculation of data, Wrong measurement of figures etc.These mistakes can be avoided by the proper measurements and careful working of the designers and architectures. By keeping in view the needs and demands of the customers as well. (Bhavnani, 2016)

There are few requirements present in the management personnel under FAR 119, which are: The applicant must be well qualified. An administrator may approve positions other than those required as well. all these requirements are more than enough. (flightsimaviation.com, 2018)

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