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Deep Blue Robotics Security Threats Assessment


Security Assessment of Deep Blue Robotics

The types of threats, which may be encountered by DBR, The location of the main office was theDeep Blue Robotics Security Threats Assessment major risk, as any natural disaster could occur, the company backup data was highly vulnerable as there were physical theft, against the data. The human resource was not properly managed; there were also threat of hackers that they can hack the data.

By creating and analyzing the risk scenarios, the culprit could be known, assets resources and external environment, should be noticed. Qualitative and quantitative assessment should be take place; however, qualitative assessment should be more focused for the business improvement and analyzing the risk factors, based on experiences or judgment.

There were many threats, from which company can suffer, example, the competitors could be obtaining the information, which is related to the intellectual property. The hackers in the social media could also create problems and the APT techniques can give harm to them, as the information could be stolen.

All type of assessments should be done to save the company, the approach of vulnerability assessment could be the asset-based assessment, from which the information could know about the assets of the company. The threat-based assessment, that what are the potential threats to the company and the vulnerable-based assessment, that how the threats should be treated.

It is suggested, to be saving from the hacker, because hackers can give any type of harm to the company or the clients, by getting the personal information of the clients, dealer they can badly affect the repute of the company. However, the software should be designed that can save the company data. Methods of detection should also be part of strategies, example, vulnerability scanners and penetration test.

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