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Death of a Salesman Play Analysis According to Aristotle’s Theory of 6 Elements

“Visit a Small Planet: Questions to Ask a Play” & “Death of a Salesman”

  1. Plot

Visit a Small Planet is the science fiction comedy film. Death of a Salesman is an American Play. The analysis has been made according to the six elements described by Aristotle. In the movie visit to a Small planet is about the use of the technology. Apparently, there is no conflict between the characters.

The incidents are managed nicely in this movie. The good thing about the plot of the movie was that the conflict was resolve wisely. The internal characters were doing their job good. The characters in these plays were so matching in their characters’ and role. However, the movie small planet was showing those things which are a little bit over. The good thing is that the casts and actors are very strong in this movie as their expressions well-supported their actions that made the play more interesting by effectively communicating the message through acting and actions.

  1. Character

The study behavior of the characters is very hard to analyze and study. The actors are those people who are very hard to judge. In the play Death of a Salesman, the behavior of the character was just like he is a real salesman by nature. For the character of the salesman, there shall be needed for the in-depth study and analysis of the market.

The studying of the behavior is important for the perfection in the role. Visit a small planet is a movie in which all the characters were not feasible in their role. Some roles are difficult to play and some are easy. However, roles are still difficult in this case. Therefore, it is important for the cast and the actors to become an expert in performing a role. The role should match the character.

  1. Thought

The process of emotions and ideas are very well expressed in the play “Death of a Salesman.” On the other hand, there is not a clear expression of ideas, themes, and goals in the visit to a small planet. The theme was also not clear. The characters are not properly revealed with the help of the dialogues.

The purpose of the movie is also not clear. It is not expressive that they are focusing on the use of the technology, sharing an idea or just it is for the sake of the fun. Comedy and science are two different things, combining them and portraying them, in the same way, is not good. The way of analysis and perception of the people is also different. Therefore, it is important for the filmmakers that they focus on the clear idea. Do not make the theatre hybrid and change the gene of the film or a movie.

  1. Diction

The langue of the plays is a little bit hard. Clear attention is required for the viewers to understand the verses. On the other hand, the dialogue writing is very impressive. It seems that new generation cannot understand the depth of the words or to drag the theme and meaning behind the words.

The language of the play or movie should be according to the new generation or the current scenario. Language is very important for the understanding of the people. The arrangement of thoughts in words is very feasible and important. Death of a Salesman has very deep words and emotions. This is the type of magic which can easily grab the attention of the people, readers or the audience. On the other hand, the paying of the words reflects the main story and are relevant to the ideas and characters.

  1. Song/ Music

In the modern theatre, music is a very important element for the success of the play, movie or an idea. This is the best way to express the emotions and ideas. In addition, this is also the good way to develop the level of the emotions and thought through the music that also resulted in keeping the attention of the viewers.

The best expression of the feelings is also through the music. The music is very attractive and but little bit diversifying according to its theme and idea. On the other hand, some situations have the great sound and musical effects which make an attraction for the audience.

  1. Spectacle

The stage outcomes are very good in the Salesman play. On the other hand, the lighting is good enough in the movie Visit to a Small Planet that made the environment more interesting and attractive. Lot technology is used in the movie that adds values to the performance of the actors. Moreover, the use of the technology is according to the theme of science fiction.

Regarding encompasses set, costumes, lighting, it is noticeable that there is feasible use. Lights, stage directions, and costumes are important to match the theme of the story, characters, and movie. Sometimes, the inappropriate use of the things can influence the movie and its popularity negative. So, great attention shall give to all the supporting activities.

Technology Involvement is there in the play as, lightning is there. However, the other play is simple in nature and the use of the technology is appropriate.

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