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Costa Coffee UK Marketing Analysis

Management of Costa Coffee UK


Costa coffee shop is the brand name of a coffee that is placed in the UK. It is the biggest brand of the coffee since now. As compared to other competitors the taste of the coffee of costa is very unique and they provide many of the variety in flavors of the coffee to attract more customers towards them. It was founded in 1971 as whole sale operation that will supply coffee to the people at a small scale. They introduced the Latin taste of coffee to their shop that is unique at that time. Later it attracts more fame s they introduced different flavors to the coffee with attractive presentation as a unique term.

Management of Costa Coffee UK to Devise The Market Development Plan

Decision Making

Decision making is the preparation of the steps or rules that are to be followed by the organization’s employees in working terms of the organization. The decisions are made in terms of completing the tasks in the organization effectively and efficiently so that it can make the organization developed and successful as the employees will follow the working with respect to the strategies made by the higher management for them to work in the organization. The decisions should be beneficial and accurate according to the working need of the organization so that it can make the organization successful in accurate ways that is needed as a must.

Costa Coffee UK Marketing Research Analysis

Decisions Taken at Costa Coffee

The costa coffee shop was a small restaurant at the start. But later it became updated by the owners. They did this because they wanted to increase the profit or fame of their coffee house. Initially they were used to serve a single taste of coffee only. Soon they realized that the customer likes different flavors so they introduced new flavors in the coffee that matches by the coffee and that also make the taste of the coffee enriched and tastier in terms of people wanted to have it repeatedly. They also considered the price level, as if people cannot afford that coffee cup then they do not buy it and the efforts of costa coffee became useless.

Information and Knowledge That Costa Coffee UK Has to Consider in Making Strategic and Effective Decisions.

Formal and Informal Information

In terms of making effective decisions for the success of the coffee house, management must have complete knowledge of the outside world about coffee. The strategies should make according to the way that which increase the progress of the coffee house. More people should attract towards the coffee shop and hence more fame should come in part of the coffee house. There are also came many of the competitors have been came in the coffee market so they should take good decisions that will make them able to beat their competitors as a must. To beat the competitors is the most important task for any business or organization.

Tacit and Explicit Knowledge

These are two different type of information’s that are necessary to be known by the organizations. The tactic knowledge includes the knowledge about the personal learning, about the difficulties in the workings, about the experiences and observations of the minds of people in terms of getting knowhow about the place where they are going. The explicit knowledge is that information that is present in the books, articles and other documented aspects that makes the working more effective and complete in terms of making the right strategies by taking accurate decisions for the success of the organization as an essential duty to be performed.

Present Internal and External Sources of Information That are Available for Costa Coffee UK.

Internal Source of Information

There are many of the sources present internally in terms of getting the complete knowledge about the internal factors of the Costa Coffee. This step is very much important to be taken by the management of the coffee house. There should be made any source internally that makes their knowledge complete by providing the information very much confidentially to the management. It should be able to manage the workings very much efficient in the organization that how they should make decisions so that their progress will grow effective and efficient.

External Sources of Information

There may also be some external sources of information are present that they can get knowledge through them about the outside views of the people about their coffee house. This is very much important to make new strategies for the organization that what people can think about your business. Their reviews will make your planning easy that what you should do to improve the performance of your organization. Therefore people prefer more to select your organization when they wanted to order Coffee or want to visit any coffee shop any time. The external information gathering is very important and essential as a must.

Recommendations to Costa Coffee UK to Increase Their Current and Potential Customers.

Recommendations to Improve The Number of Customers

In order to improve the number of customers at your coffee shop you must increase the quality of your coffee that you are serving to the people. The food quality for the different or unique tastes if the product you are providing to the people must be enriched with high taste so that people’s number of likeness increases in the coffee house and it will make the growth of the organization better and improved. The number of customers will increase more and they also refer your taste to those who never tried your coffee. This thing makes your organization more successful and more famous among competitors as a must.

Critically Evaluate Internal and External Sources of Information

The critical view or evaluation on the internal and external sources that provides information to the management of the organization. Critically we can say that the sources may be wrong while providing the information. There may be sometimes someone has a personal grudge on the coffee house so he or she can provide the wrong information in terms of making the success or fame of the organization or coffee house incomplete or in a negative way. All the sources sometimes not provide efficient and authentic information in terms of making the management of coffee house wrong decisions so that it cannot be able to get fame among competitors.

Five Stakeholders That are Important for Costa Coffee That You Will Invite for Launch.


Stakeholders are the people who use to invest in the orgaznition’s workings and making them successful by making some great and positive decisions which make the organization successful and famous. Stakeholders are responsible to made the organization well developed and they are going to make new changings with great strategies so that it became easy for the employees to work properly and they are going to manage the great atmosphere of the organization in terms of making the workers successful and efficient as a must.

Stakeholders During A Specific Decision Making Process

During a specific decisions making process the role of stakeholders is very much important and essential as they are going to manage the working efficiency of the organization and as well as they are going to establish the workings of the organization in terms of making the atmosphere very much positive so that all the employees can work comfortably in the organization and they can get the best working efficiency in terms of making the organization successful and developed among the competitors as a must. The expectations are very high from the stakeholders so that they have to come upon on these expectations as a must.

Business Relationship

The relationship of business with the stakeholders is as compulsory as clouds with rain. Businesses cannot grow properly if stakeholders neglect their responsibility and if they do not work properly then their organization will not be able to grow properly and successfully among the competitors in the market. The invited stakeholders are the identified stakeholders that make the working in the organization efficient and effective that makes the organization beneficial and positive in terms of increasing the success of the organization. The cost effective way is that they are going to manage the working according to the current needs and wants of people or you can say expectation of the people with the coffee shop as a must.

Methods of Contact

The communication is that thing which is the most important factor in an organization that deals the best way of transferring information of the organization within the organizations employees and to all the management who have to take care of the aspects and to act upon the strategies and methods that are maintained by the organization’s stakeholders and upper management of the organization. The contact should be précised and efficient so that not single information can be missed form the management to the employees can be missed and it has to be made efficient in terms of making them effective by the employees to work in the organization.

The Launch of Costa Coffee UK’s New Product to be Outstanding and Unforgettable

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