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Contemporary Management and its Issue

Contemporary Management Issue


Management is a very much important and essential part of any working organization. That handles or manages all the working of the organization. The management of every organization must be very much efficient and active so that it can easily handle all the tasks very much efficiently and with good results as a must. Management is very much important factor in an organization, as it needs to manage and fulfil all the tasks of the organization with great efficiency and with the best results for a very long time. Management must make strategies in terms of completing the targets of the organization.

Management is the most important factor in an organization that causes the success and failure of the organization. Management is actually a process that which organizations pass through and completes their tasks on time with best results. The achievement of the target in an organization is very much important as the organization works in the sale of their product or services in a bulk of amount that gives them very much amount of profit with bonuses as well. The most important factor is no doubt sale of the organizations the management if did not work with efficiency and great efforts then it is just impossible for the organization to get success in their target achievements.

It has all the principles and strategies that it should follow while working in an organization in order to achieve the targets with best results. It is actually method or trick that can easily solve the problems regarding the management of the organization as this responsibility is also very much essential step so that it can easily be solved by proper management of the organization. The more they manage efficiently the more they get good results in terms of achieving the desired targets for the organization. (Management studyhq.com, 2018)

Contemporary Management and its Issue

Functions Of Management

A proper management involves the proper steps of functioning it in terms of achieving the required target for the organization. The management works on the proper planning and maintenance of the strategies and methods that are important in terms of achieving targets for the organization. The targets are always achieved after a hard work and longtime plantings for the project. When you will achieve the target on the right amount and on right time then it is the real success of the organization that they are achieving the target on right time in a right amount. The management has to make some plantings so that the amendment of the tasks became very easy and efficient.  (Managementinnovations.wordpress.com, 2018)

Management not only implements the strategies it also controls all the other functions of the organization. While implementing strategies management must control all the aspects that are related to the strategies fulfilment like all the material that is needed to make the organization’s product is present in an effective amount in the organization or not. The machinery is working in proper condition or not. The employees have those skills so they can manage the working at that policy that you have made to achieve that target or goal in the organization on time. They are going to organize very different ways in terms of managing the working efficiency in the organization.

The management of the organization must be committed to a task of influencing the atmosphere of the organization by previous workings of the employees in the same face to work in the organization. This influence causes a positive response to the achievement of the target by the employees because they have been introduced by an example that influences them. (Courses.lumenlearning.com, 2018)


The manager is the one who manages all the tasks in the management of an organization.  The manger is that responsible person that takes the responsibility of managing the tasks of the organization in order to achieve the targets required to be achieved on a specific time. The manager is basically apposition that is held by that person who manages and organizes all the tasks of an organization with a good efficiency and accuracy as well under a perspective and interesting format of working in the organization. The manager makes the strategies that are needed to be made in terms of achieving the required target in the organization.

The managers work on an individual basis as they are going to work alone in the organization and manage all the tasks with a great efficiency and with a will of acquiring desired profit amount as a must. Managers also arrange many of the other activities among employees and motivate them too in terms of working with more efficiency in the organization. The motivational aspect towards employees is very much important and essential, as they needed to be motivated in terms of making them efficient in their workings. Managers when motivating the employees then they will get the most efficient result in their working. (Mba-tutorials.com, 2018)

Roles And Responsibilities

Managers have too many responsibilities on them, which they must have to be performing in order to get the best results according to its responsibilities. Managers are different from a different department. In the big organizations, management is of the top-level middle level, lower level according to the working functions of the organization. Each manager is concerned with a different task in order to be performing by his or her own department. Each department in the organization is of different nature and they can only be controlled by the specific person who knows deeply about the functions of that department. Managers have to deal with the problems and conflicts that came with the working efficiency of the organization as well as if any conflict arises between the employees then managers have to solve them too. (Joan Magretta, 2002)

Managers must train other employees who do not know about the working of the task in the organization. This activity will increase the efficiency of the working in the organization. The time is the most promising feature in the organization as more as you do the work on time then it will be more beneficial for the organization and for the employee as well. Managers must set objectives to be achieved on time with best results as they are going to help in making the target achievement very much easy and efficient as well. Managers must increase the importance of every worker performance in the organization so that they get motivated more and enhance their working efficiency as well. (Wsj.com, 2018)

Managers are those people in the organization on which the whole organization is based on. Actually, they are committed to handling all the tasks of the organization with proper efficiency as well as with good outcome as a mean of getting best aspects of life for the organization. Managers if not pay proper attention to the working in the organization that the workers are working properly and according to the strategies made then it became very much dangerous for the organization as well as it became bad impression for the manager about his or her post. Managers should take very keenly towards their workers that they should work properly with good efficiency in terms of getting the efficient results for the organization to work properly.

Managers if do not pay proper attention towards the material or product that needs to make the target of your organization then it became useless for them to be a manager of that company as your main task is to achieve the target of your organization.

Contemporary Management

Contemporary management is a kind of management in an organization. The management of the organization deals with all the functions of the organization. Contemporary management deals with the planning leading and controlling function of the organization. These are very case sensitive and important functions in an organization that needs to be handled very much care and with the best solution that will provide the best output as a result. Managers have an approach to use all the required resources in the organization that is essential to complete the working of the organizational goals very much effective and prosperous. (Duggan, 2017)

Contemporary management is a complete systematic process that needs to be followed by the managers of the organization in order to get the best results out of it. If the management is not properly followed then it may lose its efficiency of working as well as it may do not be able to achieve the required target on time as well. The contemporary management is that management that focuses on the new planning made for the achievement of targets. The managers should have skills and abilities that make him or her best person in making true decisions for the organization. Managers must supervise various tasks and persons as well that are essential to achieving the targets in the organization.

The nature of the manager should be challenging one so that it can motivate their employees as well as encourage them with new techniques in working. The overall working of the organization depends on the improved form of management of the organization. As organization, leads to the working of the company or organization well established and very much improved as well. The management has to face some issues that are mentioned below:

  • He or she must have to study the performance of the worker in the organization that who they are working. If workers do not pay attention to the working criteria then management has to face the issue of loss of the target that is may be assigned by some other company by your organization.
  • The targets must be achieved on time because it is very important because target achievement provides the better efficiency to get the maximum profit for the organization. (Patrick J. Montana, 2008)
  • The employees must remain positive with each other as they are working in the same place then they should be provided all the efficient and essential facilities. If employees do not give the entire essential facilities then they may disturb the working of the organization that affects its profit amount.
  • The material or items needed for the making of the product in the organization must remain complete in the organization and it is the responsibility of the management. If it remained incomplete then this, cost a lot negative amount to the organization.
  • Managers must train the employers in their management processes because if employees do not know how to do the tasks in the organization then it became very much difficult for the organization. Too many amounts of material may be lost by the untrained workers and management will suffer from a great loss.
  • The skills and abilities of the workers of the organization and among management team must be efficient and excellent. If they do not have strong and extraordinary skills they will not be able to manage the work with a great efficiency which is bad for that organization. (Thomas, 2003)

Management Roles

The management whether it is general management or whether it is contemporary management they have to follow some rules and regulations in terms of getting the smart and efficient performance in the overall market where they are serving among their competitors. The management must support the working strategies and the overall performance that whether they are performing well and whether the target is achieving in the organization or not. (Richard L. Daft, 2010)


In the nutshell, we can say this management is the most important and essential department of every organization as they are going to manage the working of the organization as well as they are going to make the atmosphere well and improved. The management deals with all the essential tasks, as they are important to be done in an organization. The overall scenario says that the management if do not pay proper attention to the working of the organization then they do be able to manage the workings of the organization well and the required targets in the organization cannot be achieved by the employees of that organization.

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Contemporary Management and its Issue

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