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MS Construction Management Admission Essay Example

I had worked in the construction industry for more than six years, and with time, gradually and efficiently, I learned and added new relevant skills in my professional career considering the requirement of the various job roles. Besides this, I had eight months in-person experience in guiding, instructing, and mentoring 80 students of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in computer-aided drafting and software such as AutoCAD, Revit, ETABS, SAFE 2000. Also, I have taken on duties such as project planning & facilitation and curriculum development. The demand of the construction industry in India has motivated me to pursue a Masters in Construction Management, following which I am determined to pursue a Ph.D. degree.

My previous experiences in construction, site-coordination, conflict & time management, administrative support, and other relevant knowledge & skills will help me understand and cope with the challenges that I might face while pursuing a Master’s degree. UTA offers a broad curriculum and a variety of subjects from which I can opt as per my requirement. I have been following the work and research areas of Dr. Mohsen Shahandashti, Dr. Sharareh Kermanshachi, and Dr. Arpita Bhatt on LinkedIn. Dr. Sharareh Kermanshachi’s research areas viz. Risk Management, Construction Finance, and Risk Analysis, and Construction Project performance and Dr. Seyed Mohsen Shahandashti’s research areas – Economics of Post-Disaster Reconstruction and Recovery, and Risk-based Performance Modelling of Emerging Building Systems have enticed me to pursue my MS in Construction Management from UTA.

MS at UTA will enable me to learn and master the skills needed in my professional career, leading to overall professional development. Through this ardent approach, I will be able to fulfill my ultimate goal, i.e., to start a highly efficient and proactive construction company in India with my father. He has an experience of 30 years in construction and is also a government employee. For this, I need vast exposure to the construction industry, and UTA has all the required curriculum that I require. My passion for learning is backed up by real experience, requisite educational qualification, and software and analytical skills. I am eager and enthusiastic to begin my journey and love to be a part of UTA. I am steadfast and confident in my decision to join UTA as a Master’s student.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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