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Conflict in the World and Possible Solutions

Conflict refers to a state of misunderstanding or discord as a result of competing interests, values or principles.Conflict in the World and Possible Solutions Conflict may be experienced between two people or between different nations. Conflicts usually result into war. However, it does not necessarily mean that any conflict would lead to war. Conflicts can always be mitigated before the two conflicting parties wage war. Various solutions can be used to reduce conflict at different levels. The world has seen several clashes in the recent past. The most current conflict in the world includes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the clash between Israel and Turkey. However, possible mitigations can be proposed to bring an end to the conflicts that have affected the Middle East.

The Middle East comprises of countries that are found in the Western Asia and Northern Africa. The Middle East is the richest supplier of oil in the world. Oil is considered as the backbone of most activities in the world today including technological, economical and transport. The Middle East has always made local and international headlines concerning constant conflicts in the region. The conflict has continued for a long time despite the efforts undertaken by both local and international leaders to restore peace (Bennis, 2007). The majority of people in the Middle East are Arabs. However, there are some ethnic groups or nations which are non-Arabic. Some of these ethnic groups include the Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds and the Mandeans. Besides, Turkey, Iran, and Israel are some of the countries which are non-Arabic.

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