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Computer Network Security Problems and Solution


By the speedy evolution of threats to the security for their use, the development of computer network is followed. To sustain an adequate level of security it is observed in last few years that it is difficult or facing problem for security. Every network design is a fundamental component of security. Security policy says about what persons can do or do not with network component as well as resources is known as network security. Attack from the internet is the fundamental purpose of network security.

Latest techniques as well as the internet technologies have been used the threat of new internet. Including state institution, for the security of network computer crime is increase day by day and this is the challenge for software engineer as well as producers and for the users. For the supervision of the security several organizations are working. Administration of many countries, also the European parliament, has been powerful working on the concerning laws of network security, in the last period.

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Computer Network Security Problems and Solution


Human activity as well as all branches of economy is applied to the global network, which is connected through the computer system. Intranet security of the companies is not involved much except periodically change the password, earlier than the explosion of the internet.

In network security applications, only banks as well as financial institutions are required to be more precise about this. Now, it is important to secure the systems from malicious intrusions because the companies increase their venture by entering in e-commerce as well as opening their own information frameworks to suppliers along with the customer.

According to the new survey, THAT the information security is the first priority for the business 56 % of the companies are said and only 19 % have the monitor security practice as well as solutions. The main risk of security violate is the revenue loss, data theft as well as the secret of trade, this information loss according to the survey On contrast of computer security institute in 1998 conduct a survey about computer crimes as well as security describe that the 60 % of the companies knowledgeable a security violation as compared to 50 % of the last year. In 1996, the incident of internet attacks rises to 54 % up from 38 %. (Linda S.Rutledge, 1986)

Hacking is the very expensive incident not since to the cost of what is taken but also due to the costs connected with cleaning up the mess. From a small online bank, hacker theft the one million dollars because of the forester research. Enormous cost is $111 million; the main expenditure is $96 million was for network downtime as well as security upgrading.

This only serves to highlight because of the understandable essential; have to protect the entry data therefore the displeased employees as well as the outside hackers cannot access the dangerous data of the company.

Basic business practice is revolving around the expert advice. We have to understand the type of business as well as its vulnerabilities is the first step. Develop policies is a second step. To any computing resource for accessing, there is a unique password. (Research Gtae.com, 2017)

The last step is that have the all information for the communications to the frameworks. Security problem is the innumerable physical devices on a network compound. It is difficult to understand from where to begin, without mapping the network.

The international computer security developed a list of guidelines for helping the establishment of company. According to this, find things need to be checked: privacy, accessing of internet, development of application, physical access as well as emergency along with the recovery.

A confidential data is cover by good privacy policy, network security of computer, privileges’ of access control as well as monitoring of log along with audit equipment. The access policy of internet RECOGNIZES the risks as well as helps in how to handle the violation of security.

Literature Review

According to the Author Frederick M.Avolio, (2000) it is conducted that he give the suggestion about to protect enterprise network from the outsider. Security of information system, security of network as well as computer. It’s a complex world of internet security as well as increases day by day. On account of these changes some of the security approches are same although the others are new in addition to completely different.

Introduce the new strategy of sound security include two thngs one is to look up at the speed of internet which changes in threat as well as technologies, on the other hand also on the commercial enviroment reality. Security devices are easy to purchase. its quite difficult to know about what to protect or what to control and put in a same place.it takes management of security, counting planning, development of policies as well as the procedure of design. (Ieeexplore.ieee.org, 2010)

According to Jericho a board member it focus on the professional security of  data security over systems. On account of jerico point of view, to realize invasive security of data-centric is an incentive regulation of strengthening. It tinted that many possible violations misses by perimeterized model, particularly data which is unintensionally approved to the other organiztions, that is subsquently suffering from the violation.through comined effort of it stratagies safeguard the business sensitive information as well as applicatiom from malicious source, software along with hardware.

According to j.Freedom Dan Boneh & al they conducted that at large as well as deserve the special attention as enterprises network is different from internet:norm is the centralized control, paramount is the security, as well as identical, dependable polices are vital. Providing og strong protection is difficult so some tradeoff is required. Having a open environment is a clear advantage of it but on contrast evey end host can talk to each other.

This openss is flat to attack by malicious consumer from inside as well as outside the system. We have to design a network which knows the limit of end host and also sustaining the elasticity as well as the management ease

According to Siegela & at.al( 2002) conducts that through technical as well as procedural means traditional approch to design along with architecture of security is used to get the goal of eliminating the risk factor that complete the prevention of system. (Kumar, 2011)It is admitted that the elimination of complete risk is impossible through insurance based solution, as well as it focus more on decreasing the harm impact through financial opportunity, in the event of harm also provide the policies to the policy holder

The all researchers collect data from different sources like different books, mannuals, magzines, journal paper, articles as well as research paper. The information which is collected also from seminar conferences helped a lot to the researchers.

Proposed Solution

There is different type of threats and there proposed solution here discuss some of them and give the solution of it. DOS along with DDOS are the errors it stands for Denial form of service as well as Distributed denial services. We get rid of this with some difficulty. Additionally it can back to track easily or also launched. This occurs because of sending request to the system repeatedly.

The proposed solution to this is that to save our server from the way in of the imitation packets monitor those packets. On your host protecting system, upgrade the system with time. Be cautious of your server operating very close to the capacity of last level. (Clickssl.net, 2013)

Unauthorized Access threat is very harmful threat because of this lost all significant information as well as some more attacks that might be worse than this. The hacker is without knowing get the access to your official part as well as takes sensitive resources. The proposed solution to this is that impose the strategies of strong authentications. Avoid saving the password as well as user name from unreliable source. Not provide the unimportant access to any one.

In network, Eavesdropping is greatest security threat. HTTP (during observing software) transfer data over an impostor cut off the package, during eavesdropping, in order to harm the network it amend the data as well as misuses them. To interrupt the data packages there are many tackle available it is hazardous threat. The purposed solution for this is that a way out from eavesdropping entertaining encryption strategy is used to secure. (Bright hub.com, 2011)

It will reduce the risk of eavesdropping attacks by using encryption measuring similar to digital permit. Segmentation network is applied this will avoid from eavesdropping and from attack of other networks. Before establishing, any networks improve the security of the network by employing network access control also inspection the every device authentication.

One of the most dangerous threats is Man-in-the-middle-attack also abbreviated as MITM. An impostor ascertain the connection among the sender as well as receiver, one by one intercept the message, relays back to the sender as well as receiver along with modification of the messages. The proposed solution for this is that authentications depend on using public type communications. Both the ends have to be authenticated consequently avoid the MITM.

In order to reinforce the mutual confirmation is setting up the password as well as the secret key of high level. (Bodybuilding.com, 2011)

In network, security there is some of the existing vulnerabilities. Loss of data, amendment in data, attack of sniffer, attack of application layer, and attacks of password based as well as rapidly are common vulnerabilities. It is the toughest challenge to protect the system and computer. To protect the organization have to use the good security instruments. (Khera, 2000)


The conclusion of whole paper is about the Computer and network problems and the solution Accomplishing in addition to keeping up high level of PC framework security is an intricate assignment due to the comprehensive character of an issue. As different examinations appear the dominant part of little as well as medium, organizations are not ready to secure corporate frameworks as well as systems. Regardless of the developing number of problems, numerous organizations have neglected to manufacture suitable security frameworks. A similar alludes to singular clients. The training demonstrates it is conceivable to smash interest in an exceptionally ensured framework; consequently, one ought to in no way have a feeling of aggregate security. It is suggested that there is a different PC in the organization to be utilized for the network. (Honan, 2014)

It is particularly vital if there should arise an occurrence of organization financial statement as in case of fruitful assault, a venture causes more prominent misfortunes than an individual client who is ensured through specific demonstrations of law. Security of network is upon the proprietors in light of the fact that their undertaking is to give proper assurance of a foundation being used. Problem submit particularly to remote systems where contravention in is significantly less demanding, while at the same time distinguishing the creator of such an activity (and reprimanding them) is greatly troublesome. (Computernetworkingnotes.com, 2018)

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