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Rome With John Green

  • Rome gets fame and name in the world by their balance.
  • There were three kinds of government found in Rome: Monarchy, Aristocracy and Democracy.
  • The division into two broad classes: The Patricians and the Plebeians.
  • Senate sets the policies for the councils.
  • Developments in methods and living standards of Rome.

Comments on Video Report

Athens, Greece, And Persia With John Green

  • Persian Akeemeined dynasty was founded in 593 BC.
  • There were Greeks in Anatolia called Ionian Greeks.
  • Persians are responsible for many developments at that time.
  • Greeks discovered Music and many other ideas from democracy to fart jokes.
  • Ethan emerged from the de facto capital of Greece to experience a golden age.

The Market Revolution With John Green

  • At one time in market revolution, people moved to sell their productions to other instead of farming for themselves
  • This was the beginning of modern commercial economy.
  • New technology at that time enabled this economic shift.
  • Canals as compared to roads are more profitable for the economy.
  • Robert Fulton invented steamboat in 1807.

Crash Course: Specialization And Trade

  • Until the Industrial Revolution, people saw a sustained change in their standards of living.
  • Division of labour made the countries rich and wealthy, According to Smith.
  • Specialization makes people more productive.
  • Specialization and trade make the world better off.
  • Specialization AND trade are the backbones of the success of a country’s economy.

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