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Coffee Warehouse UK Global Supply Chain Sustainability


Supply chain management involves all activities that lead to the establishment of processes that enable the right consumers to obtain the right products in the quantity and time schedule expected (Harvard Business School, 2006, p 7). The goods integrate the raw materials into the final purchases of consumers. The process of understanding the supply chain management focuses on the core concepts entailed in planning and forecasting, product assembly, purchasing, moving, distributing, storage, sales and customer services. Therefore, the professionals entailed in the activity participate actively in all facets of the business process as they strive to institute sustainable competitive advantage for their businesses or organizations. The establishment of a new or established company needs the conceptualization of supply chain management in the business process and the implementation of the principles in practice to promote a productive and sustainable supply chain (Palevich, 2012, p 13). Coffee Warehouse is a new business founded to provide high-quality, full-service delivery of specialty drinks and related supplies across London to coffee houses and espresso stands. The combined effort of the principle owners brings the management office of the business at high levels of customer engagement service and experience in managing distribution and sales. The company will therefore benefit significantly from this perspective in exploring the concepts involved in facilitating the sustainable global supply chain.

Background Information

The Business Analysis

The Coffee Warehouse business provides high quality and full service distribution of coffee in the region where it operates. The partnership of Steve and Jennifer Smith blends their expertise in office management, customer service and marketing and distribution management capacities. The business has plans to promote sales across the London market and its suburbs to independent retailers as it initializes its financial arrangements and developments in supply chains. The sales projections of the firm began at $2, 229,000 the first year and increased accordingly in the second year and third year of operation to $2,936,000. The net profit projection extends to $406,000 at the last part of this third year of operation. Therefore, observing the progress of the firm in its existent operation structures, the development of a sustainable supply chain is key to the projection of the business accordingly to higher levels of success. The firm has distinguishing characteristics in business operations, combining the experience in management, sales and distribution of highly innovative products and exceptional customer service.

Coffee Warehouse UK Global Supply Chain Sustainability

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