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Classical Liberalism Political Ideology

Classical Liberalism Political Ideology – Introduction

This article discusses the issue of contemporary politics in its broadest term. In addition, for that purpose, the rigorous analysis is done to discuss the issue. First of all, we will define classical liberalism political ideology, it is defined as the political philosophy and the worldview which is founded on the ideas of equality as well as liberty. On the other hand, classical liberalism put its focus on the role of liberty whereas the social liberty emphasis on the importance of classical liberalism political ideologyequality. In the twelfth century, when there were ideologies as well as viewpoint which were related to the free political institutions as well as the tolerance of the religion and also the support coming from the role of government for the purpose of regulating the capitalism and also for the construction of the  welfare state. According to the liberals, they believe in the actions of the government for achieving the equal equity and opportunity for all the people. It was considered the duty of the government to remove all the social ills and also to protect the civil liberties as well as human rights and individuals. It was believed that it is the role of the government that it must guarantee that there is no ones in need of something.

The libertarian party in the United States of America is known as the libertarian political party, which is busy in promoting the laissez-faire capitalism, civil liberties, and non-interventionism capitalism in the economy and it is promoting welfare in the society. There are many candidates for the purpose of the US presidential candidate seat. All of them have a different purpose to serve. Like Barack Obama have chosen the democratic rule. Similarly, for the purpose of Libertarian, Gray Johnson has chosen the Liberalism party. In one of his meetings, he shares his point of views with the Americans that how will they be able the freedom of choice. He will help in maximizing the economy. He will put focus on political freedom and there will be the primacy of the political judgment and voluntary association.

The libertarian party was formed in December 1971. The-founding party was encouraged in part because of the Vietnam War and the end of the gold standard. The party is mostly concerned about the classical liberal platform .Gray Johnson who is the part’s presidential nominee in 2012 and in 1026 also states in his important me things that Libertarian party is more culturally liberal than democrats are. However, he also stated that it is more vocally conservative than republicans are. in the current fiscal policy positions , the taxes are lowered, the national debts are reduced, IRS is abolished, people are allowed to opt out of the social security and it also eliminate the welfare state through utilizing the private charities. in the current cultural policy positions, the aims are to probity the illegal drugs, same sex marriages are supported, the capital punishments are ended and there is also a support from the gun ownership rights. There are many libertarians who had believe that the drinking age should also be lowered to 18 (Ball, Dagger, & O’Neill, 2016).

411,250 voters are being registered for the libertarian in the 27 states. The LP in the USA is the third largest nationally organized party. it was also the first electro  vote  which was also cast for the women for Vice president  in the presidential selection of the USA .It is also true that the LP has never won the angry seat in the congress of the USA. The electoral success has been seen in the state ligatures context.

The party goals are, seeking the liberty in which individuals will live their life and no one is forced to sacristies their values for the benefits of the others. the goals are to set the world free and we must take the stand for this purpose the statement of the principle is  that we, the member of the libertarian party are challenging the sect of the invincible state and we defends the individual rights. It is the ideology of the party to bind the party with the core principles. The libertarian party is also supporting the CAFTA, NAFTA and the other trade agreements like that and it supports the eit of the USA from the NATO and WTO. Gray Johnson as the libertarian has achieved 1,275,821 votes being the candidate of the US presidential election in the 2012 and got the third position.

On comparison to the other presidential candidate, then Hillary Clinton would be the name to choose. Gray Johnson is a libertarian party whereas the Clinton is supporting the Democratic Party. If Johnson is the former governor of the New Mexico then the latter is the former secretary of the state. Talking about their comparison in terms of individual rights, then gray Johnson is seen to be more conservative than Hillary Clinton. Gray Johnson is seen as more conservative than Hillary Clinton on the part of domestic issues is. In terms of economic issues, then Gray Johnson is more conservative than Hillary Clinton. Talking about the international and defense issues then Hillary Clinton has seen as more conservative than gray Johnson. Clinton has longer running camping and it is longer than the average Democratic Party candidate is in 2016.

The liberal party has not been won in the USA because if it happened then it will affect the politicians in a bad way. Once it happens, people will not listen to the government anymore. People will do whatever they want destroying the culture in a bad way. There will no following of the rules and policies made by the government. They maximize their own happiness on the expense of others.


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