Classes of Airspace and On Demand Transportation Method


On demand Transportation Method

On demand transportation is a way to call road vehicle on a call or SMS this system is running in many European countries from many year it is a very easy and comfortable service for public. Wherever they are they just need to send are quest on company’s given helpline the car which will be nearest to you reaches at you within few minutes or seconds. You can travel to anywhere you desire with a trustworthy atmosphere and with a comfortable ride. These rides costs only the miles you traveled not more than that. It is also a plus point of these rides that they are affordable for users all the time.

Classes of Airspace and On Demand Transportation Method

Classes of Airspace

Airspace is that area which come in a nations jurisdiction are of sky over that nation. There are different classes of airspace according to the distance from sea level and high sky level of that state:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Class D
  • Class E

Class A airspace is generally 18000 feet from main sea level. Class B airspace is 10,000 feet. Class C is 4000 feet above the airport elevation, Class D 2500 from surface to airport elevation and last one class E 100 to 700 approximately. These airspace are adequate to control air traffic which must be in control so that state must be kept safe from any upcoming disaster from sky.


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