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Childhood Story in English Essay Example

Child Hood Story

Life is what you make of it. No one ever said that life is easy. We as a human beings go through many things. We fall, we rise, we fight, we make peace, we love, we hate, we run, we sleep, we shut people down and we meet new people. Life is full of adventures and we are adventurers. There is no bigger teacher than life. We learn things with time, we grow up we write our stories. I, Margo William am a well-known businessperson of this decade. What am I now is what I made up of my life. I am here and I have been through a lot.

As a child, I was a famous high school kid. I was famous among other students, a cheerleader, a model, a swimmer, and psychology topper. My parents moved from Boston to Manhattan in 1998. I was four years old. My mother was interior designer while my father was a college professor. Being the only child turned out to be my gift in disguise but I did not know what life has to offer in my near future. At home, I was my parent’s princess, in school I was teacher’s favorite. As time passed, I could not understand why my childhood friends Charlie and Elena started to drift away from me. I loved them, we used to play games together, we spent summers cycling in Elena’s backyard and making lemonades in mine. We were inseparable until one day.

Childhood Story in English Essay Example

On April 17 2006, I got good score and won the scholarship and my teacher Mrs. Green gifted me a box of chocolate. That day was happiest day of my life when I could not be more grateful. I went home and when my mother came home in noon, I told her that I won the scholarship. She was overwhelmed she said she would like to arrange a brunch for close friends and family to celebrate my happiness. I invited my best friends Charlie and Elena. My mother invited her close friends and work friend Mrs. Keith, mother of Charlie. My grandparents and neighbors. Charlie brought me a new R.L Stine horror book and Elena brought my favorite flowers. White orchids. It was after lunch when I could not find my best mates.

I went looking for them here and there. I looked everywhere in my room, in kitchen, in our backyard, in my dad’s office. I was coming out of my parent’s room when I heard whispers, I thought my friends want to play hide and seek and this is our new pass time game. I loved the idea; I wanted to have fun with them. I turned around and I could see Charlie’s elbow under the bed, I giggled and decided in my head, “I will beat them in their play”. I left the room so they can think I am still on mission looking for them. I went to the room across the hall climbed a few steps and slid open the window. I was quiet and fast, it was my house anyway. As I was standing in window, the whispers got clearer now I can perfectly hear my best friends talking.

Charlie: Elena, this is not the first time she did this to me.

Elena: I know Charlie. I do not like when she is like this. Cannot believe she did it again.

Charlie: I want to go throw some orange juice on her scholarship and throw her chocolates in dustbin.

When I heard these words, I gasped. I could feel my heart sinking but I wanted to hear more so I kept quiet. I wanted to know what my friends think about me.

Elena: I have sprayed some chloroform from chemistry lab on her flowers so when she smells the flowers she faints.

Charlie: I tore up last ten pages of that book so she can never end the book.

I was crying now how can they do this to me? My best friends. The people who I loved more than anyone else are planning things for me. They hate me. These words shook my body. THEY HATE ME! MY BEST FRIENDS HATE ME.

Charlie: it was I who told her spellings of “Siamese” in last test and she got better grade than me. Now in this test I whispered Einstein to Mrs. Green’s answer she heard it and said it and won the scholarship. What she has now is actually mine.

Elena: I hate her for doing this to you. I will not be her friend anymore.

Charlie: come on let us just go to her room and steal her favorite comics and break her sound recorder. Revenge is better served cold.

Now I am crying aloud. They heard me and came out and they were so unsure about their next move. They hate me.

I told them they could not be my friends if this is what they think about me. At first, they tried to shut me out but then Elena told Charlie that I am a liar and a cheater and they do not want to be friends with me and left. I was crying. It was so hurtful. They misunderstood me and judged me. Charlie lied and Elena supported him. My mother came to room I was sobbing. I told her everything and she held me and cleaned my tears, she told me. I am what I am and I am beautiful and I do not worth jealous friends. They were jealous so they created crap out of nothing.

After that, I did everything I wanted. I became whatever I wanted but I did not let this incident came between my lives. I learned from it that jealousy has no cure. I had hard time trusting people all my life but losing only best friends I had made me strong that I stand alone in this business ocean. My broken heart healed but the memory stayed and I learned from it.

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