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Child Care Policies and Procedures


Introduction to Safeguarding Children

We can safeguard our children by making policies and legislations are working on them. They are providing guidelines to courts and institutions to promote child welfare. Many countries were reviewed. From current legislation, child care settings are developed.




Legislation in the early year setting


Parents should focus on the basic needs of children.​​ There are legal authorities that take responsibility for all those children who need help.​​ Parents have different duties for their children. Mother and father both are guardians if any one of them fails to do the other can do.​​ Whoever is taking responsibility, the court has all the right to investigate them.

  • CHILD ACT 2004

It promotes the welfare of​​ a child. It says that​​ keeping children safe from harm is everyone’s responsibility​​ because of every child matters.​​ To provide them a safe environment​​ and keep them vibrant is our duty. ​​ 


Every person who is below 18 years old​​ and under maturity is attained to national legislation.​​ It​​ states that children have cultural, civil, economic, and social rights equally without considering gender, religion, or race.

Policies and Procedure

Policies​​ give an outline​​ to show how a setting​​ aims to comply with legislation and​​ procedures that will help​​ them to practice.

  • Example

A DBS​​ procedure will give detail step by step, how to do it, which will help more in the future.



Analyse od​​ policies and procedures for the safeguard of children

  • Health and well being( 1.1a)

As we know that health is a blessing, and one should not​​ compromise on health.​​ These policies safeguard children from health.​​ To provide the proper facilities, even in case of child abuse, a child must be treated. In emergency cases, we must inform doctors and other authorities.​​ The medical care departments work day and night to save many lives as the death ratio increases due to abuses. They are making health policies for the world complete. For every child, health is most important and essential. If there are no guardian and parents, child custody is taken by legal authorities and NGOs, and they safeguard children and their rights. ​​ 

  • Duty of Care​​ (​​ 1.1 b)

Parents must take responsibility to take care of their children as they look up their guardian for help. If they show any signs and are suffering, share their feelings and problems is essential.

It is the duty of every person in society to protect them from harm like child abuse, a violation against young children, and help them by providing a safe environment.​​ We should know​​ that working with your children is safe with them, like teachers, assistants, or medical care. Parents must take care of this.​​ 

  • Protection from Harm​​ for Children​​ ( 1.1c)

We must protect our children from harm.​​ ​​ Parents must know where their​​ children play​​ and with whom they are in contact with.​​ ​​ We understand how criminals are spread; we can eliminate these criminals. However, it is a responsibility for us that we must protect them and take the criminal to court whenever we see a child who is in harm or danger. Because at last, children lookup elders when they seek help.


  • Protection from practitioner​​ when working with children​​ (1.1 d)

Adults working with children must be adequately trained. They must know how children act when they have any kind of severe issue​​ and a person who can build strong relations, all the staff should​​ cooperate with children and be trained to provide them​​ opportunities to learn​​ and gain knowledge of all subjects.​​ So parents must choose a practitioner wisely and interview them well.


Importance of​​ Safeguarding​​ Children​​ in an​​ Early​​ Setting​​ 

It is​​ sometimes difficult to​​ protect​​ children​​ from harm. Nobody should be mishandled, whether it be physical, sexual, or psychological mistreatment, and no kid should be​​ neglected.​​ The public must​​ protect them from hurt. Each tyke should live without the dread of mischief or manhandle. On the off chance that we shield kids from damage, they will probably grow into specific individuals from society. Youngsters with incapacity are three times more inclined to encounter manhandle and disregard, and it's up to us as experts to perceive the signs and side effects to secure all kids.


Safeguarding​​ is defined as “child security," which clarifies that "every child below 18 years old the child is undertaken by law​​ and legal authorities guard them. Protection child​​ 2013 defined that we must protect​​ our​​ children well​​ being and improvement.​​ We should consider those activities to empower children​​ so that they can achieve better results​​ in the future.​​ 

Spare the Children is associated with various mediations equipped towards methodically eliminating offspring of risky types of work. For this reason, kids are given access to quality essential instruction and the chance to proceed to optional training or to increase professional abilities. On the other hand, their families are likewise bolstered to grow new wellsprings of salary, for example, creation and fare of floor coverings through co-agents, professional abilities training with the arrangement of seed cash to begin miniaturized scale ventures and pay sparing/small scale fund plans. Spare the Children's Child Protection​​ System activity is based on everyday society's accomplishments in the most recent couple of years, making affectability and acknowledgment that the state should act to give an orderly reaction to youngsters' infringement'​​ rights security. The task's general objective is to guarantee that kids approach working tyke assurance frameworks at national and nearby levels that adequately counteract, react to mishandle, disregard, misuse, and savagery against youngsters in all settings.

Children​​ protection and Partnership with other organizations

It begins​​ with​​ government enactment directly through to neighborhood working. Every expert or organization will have an alternate part of aptitude, so powerless youngsters will require composing assistance from well-being, instruction, kids' social care, the intentional​​ segment, and frequently the equity benefits, so there must be excellent correspondence inside the distinctive administrations accessible. Shielding and advancing the welfare of youngsters relies upon viable organizations working amongst offices and experts, all individuals associated with the interest of a kid must defend them. Police, wellbeing, guest, GP,​​ youngster minder, nursery, school, after school club, relaxation gatherings, for example, football, swimming, brownies, social laborer, family, companions,​​ neighbor's​​ and the nearby network are for the most part in charge of shielding our kids and youngsters. It is imperative we as a whole work and imparts together. The periodic evaluation structure gives an approach to early mediation for youngsters before it achieves an emergency point. It is a mutual appraisal and arranging installation for all correspondence, and that data is shared between various experts and associations. The evaluation structure fixates on kids defending and advancing welfare—professionals to utilize who work with kids.​​ 

These organizations evaluate and study the problems of different children in different countries under various projects and Act, then they give all the details of every child to legal authorities, and they make approvals so that whoever committed this severe crime will be punished.​​ Other organizations like schools, daycare, and other places where children spent the time all function in providing kids with protection and security under 18.


  • Roles of Organization​​ (responsibilities of every child​​ is on the nation)

In every country, many organizations and NGOs play their part when any child is abused.​​ We know children need support and comfort. So parents should provide them as they are responsible for implementing​​ a child protection plan to safeguard children. The welfare institutions act as​​ young child welfare; they promote their education and fulfill their essential need. There should be proper arrangements so their guardian may call them.​​ Whenever the child feels insecure and in danger, the first responsibility is to inform the court to investigate it.​​ There must be a precise evaluation of the child by teacher or parent regularly. Parents should keep their children safe and provide them a healthy environment.​​ Psychologists are experts, and they know better how to deal with the children who are abused and harmed.​​ Whenever a child faces such dangers, psychologists help them​​ overcome mental problems like not sleeping at night, fear, or anxiety. The psychologist reviews the child's issues and makes evaluations; then, they solve these problems in many settings.​​ The parents must consider psychological assessment as it has positive impacts on carers and parents both.​​ These recommendations are helpful.​​ On the other hand, hospitals​​ are providing free health care training to carers and parents. They know the signs and symptoms of abuse, neglect, and harm.​​ Whenever there is a case of a child, it must be reported earlier than before. ​​ 

Some pediatricians examine children who are abused. They are the ones who provide​​ evidence to courts, and they know how to identify the needs of a child, whether​​ medical needs or mentally boosting needs. They also work on collecting information on evidence and supervise child protection training.​​ Other medical care centers should spread awareness for safeguarding children's lives​​ and protect them at any cause. Although proper training is given and the institution is working to provide knowledge to children's parents and their caretakers​​ so that no one will face this problem. After the legal authorities, the police have a duty to investigate criminals who have committed this crime against innocent children. The law must have all the details​​ and provide social services when a child is abused or harmed.


  • Partnership Working in Safeguarding

It means that child safety is not the responsibility of only​​ parents.​​ The national system declares that to us, every child is equal and unique in their way. They take responsibility and guarantee each child and support them in their life. Empowerment projects are done on child improvement. All institutes are providing them a safe environment through different programs. They make proper plans for the child development process.​​ 


  • Process of Work Setting​​ with child protection, information handling, and sharing

Sharing data is the answer to enhancing useful​​ results for all kids. It is fundamental to encourage early mediation and protection work for shielding youngsters. All experts required with kids must know and comprehend what to do and the best methods for sharing data about kids who are in danger of manhandling or disregard. In a few circumstances, imparting data to a family about their tyke could appear to be great practice; however, it isn't essential, e.g., where proof of mishandling or disregard could be crushed or evacuated by a parent/carer or where​​ a kid could be put at an expanded hazard when guardians/carers have this learning. A school's arrangement on defending youngsters ought to be utilized as a rule when sharing or dealing with data.


  • Serious Case Reviewed​​ when a Child is abused.​​ 

A serious case review is required by then when a suspicious passing occurs at the settings. For this situation, the location must contact the Local Safeguard Children Board, who always carries on severe case audits into the setting's general cooperation and some​​ different associations with the juvenile and the family. It has been discovered that LSCB considers whether a genuine case audit is remunerated or not at the point where a youngster maintains a probability of actual damage or grave and everlasting mutilation of physical condition and, also, extension all through surrender and abuse. Galinha, I. furthermore, Pais-Ribeiro (2012) have said that the reason for serious case​​ audits did under this direction is to make whether there are exercises to be leaned from​​ the contextual investigations about the routes that in which the neighboring particular and the association work as an inseparable unit to guard and underwrite the welfare of the kids and the young open of the general public.


  • Child-centered approach importance

The importance of a kid or youthful people-focused approach is to comprehend that each kid is unique. The national system of Every Child Matters was set up to help the signing up of administrations to guarantee each kid can accomplish the five Every Child Matters results. Support is offered to youngsters to empower them to be trustworthy, remain safe, appreciate and achieve, create a meaningful commitment, and achieve economic stability. All administrations went for youngsters or youngsters who are based on arranging and meeting individual needs. Kids' desires should be considered amid essential leadership to give them a feeling of having a place and not being made to feel as if it's them who's to be faulted. This ought to​​ be done in a touchy way, and they ought to be tuned in to discover how they are feeling and what they might want.


  • Factors which may harm a child

Many factors can easily harm the child. However, a few elements​​ should be implemented so that there will be​​ no future problems regarding harm. If parents consider their child as a priority, they will protect them from these harms. As children are mentally and emotionally weak, they get the impact of these factors quickly. Parents must watch out for their children so that there will be no trouble for them.

  • Parents' factors​​ may harm a child.​​ 

When parents mishandle the kid, they feel being avoided. It usually happens when pregnancy is not needed, and parents are not happy with an early child. Parents​​ are the ones who will handle each and everything, but if they are unsupported who are carelessly, and they have unlikely desires​​ should learn about children. Guardians never hurt their children intentionally, but many were themselves abused or neglected.

  • Environmental factors​​ may harm a child.​​ 

If a family has a severe background of some problems and a depressed family can lead to congestion in the house as children are mentally weak, they also​​ feel like burdens, and they stop playing, and their eating habits are changed.​​ This also happens when there is nothing surrounded, and a child needs to go out play or any other activity.​​ These children are frequently absent from school and behave irrationally.

  • Kid's factors​​ may harm a child.​​ 

Sometimes children have a problem, which​​ means they are incapable of those relationships, feelings, and desires, so he is a damaging relationship with their guardians.​​ If there is an absence of connection between a child and his parents, he will feel insecure and alone all the time.​​ 


  • Possible Signs and Symptoms​​ of child abuse child

It Is tough to notify the abuse signs and symptoms as child abusers act very differently​​ in family or outdoor. They become anti-social, and they suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Children who are abuse​​ can't manage their work, and even their eating habits are changed—they lose their appetite.​​ Some signs can be seen in physical abuse cases like bruises to the eye, ears, and fingertips and scars on skins. Burn bites etc. ​​ 

Even if children are being neglected, they start feeling tired or being left. When parents fail to supervise their child, they become ill, their face becomes dull, and​​ the signs are dirty skin hair and soiled clothing. Some children face problems when they are not provided with basic needs like food on time.​​ In sexual abuse, the children become very weak; they have urinary infections, rectal itching, and their behavior is critical as they don't have​​ trust and are being isolated and withdrawn.​​ When a child emotionally abuses,​​ his demeanor changes into attention-seeking, and he​​ starts feeling nervous. Children who are abuse​​ have very low self-esteem.


Practitioner's responsibilities to be taken about

  • Suspicion

If you are in a situation where you feel that child is in trouble and abuse, you need to suspect them.​​ Having conversations, talking about their problems, and noting everything they say will help you keep all the details in one place.​​ Talk to the teacher of a child who will give the necessary knowledge and health visitor to provide a healthy diet and treatment for a child as we know that whenever a child is an abuse, he is weak. There are many NGOs who are working on this, which help everyone.​​ If you feel any child is physically or sexually abuse, you can suspect and report it to​​ his parents. We know that every child keeps secret about beating, so we need to question them.​​ An investigation must​​ always be performed to look for any signs or symptoms of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. The longer the abuse continues, then the child will face problems.

  • Concern

We must know that children are part of nature; they are soft-hearted.​​ In the eye of the law, every child is equal and the same. We must concern about these cases. And we must know how the practitioner will take responsibility. A practitioner must be trained who​​ must know how a child behaves when he is abused. He must know all the details and how to treat a child who is abuse. Parents who give responsibility to practitioners must understand their backgrounds and their work.

  • Disclosure

When a child discloses about their abuse. The first thing you need to stay calm and keep​​ them quiet as a child never lies. Whatever he says, believe them.​​ You must say, "I believe you," "I trust you."​​ And never say, "no, he is a nice person; he can't do it."​​ Without making assumptions, you​​ have to take serious actions. Never leave a child with any person with whom he is not comfortable and complaining about it.


Rights​​ of Children

Children and their parents or carers have imperative rights, even in instances of suspected manhandle. It can be hard to comprehend this, mainly where the conditions are troubling. More established kids regularly have an unmistakable thought of what should​​ be done to guarantee their security and prosperity. Most youngsters feel faithful towards the individuals who nurture them, notwithstanding when they have been in charge of the mishandle, and experience issues saying anything against them. In circumstances where mischief or mishandle is suspected or claimed, it is critical to recollect the accompanying rules.​​ Children​​ can get help so they can communicate​​ about their wishes easily and​​ make choices themselves. A child has all the right not to be subjected regardless of physical or sexual nature. Children's needs should be completed, whether educational needs, basic needs, or any other.


Importance of E-Safety

E-Safety is defined as " monitoring the child while using the internet and other sources and train them the use of technology positively."

Children need to figure out how to secure them in a troublesome circumstance. The best possible essential leadership capacity among the youngsters could help them in averting such issues. They have to​​ mindful of the outsiders who could hurt them. Now and then, youngsters would prefer not to cooperate with the obscure individual. The parent must make them aware of sudden issues that could influence them rationally or physically—the best possible direction and preparation help estimate the impact of the problems. The youngsters and youngsters should be guided by the actual number to educate their relatives in a troublesome circumstance. It is necessary to convey​​ transparently to the general public. The straightforward procedure of correspondence takes part in the day by day action.


Mobile phone usage

Nowadays, in modern times, children spent more time on mobile phones playing games or using social media websites. Mobile phones have many risks.​​ Using mobile phones is severe​​ addiction which is found in children the most. They have an impact on their personal and social life.​​ It was discovered that children who spent more time on mobile phones are lazy. The high usage of mobile phones creates social threat and safety issues​​ due to which parents should take care of this.​​ As children learn quickly, there are some material or content on the internet​​ that shows illegal things. Some cartoons have inappropriate languages, so they​​ have terrible impacts on children's lives.


Responsibilities​​ of E-Safety

E-safety is defined as monitoring children's internet​​ usage, which helps eliminate the risk of using computers, mobile phones, and other connected devices.​​ E-safety is for all people who face cyber crimes. They work on providing safeguards to children​​ who are abuse or exploited on the internet. E-safety is more of electronic security that eliminates future risk. They work for child protection and development. They also teach children the proper use of technology,​​ and they support them.


Ways of reducing risk to children​​ from

  • Social Media Use

Anyone on social media can have your details. Like Facebook and Twitter,​​ have your city phone number and your date of birth. Through which many cybercrime blackmail young children, they become scared. Through these sites, one can have a terrible impact. Even if children use social media sites more, they will sleep less and won't manage their work.

  • Internet Use​​ 

There are severe impacts on child minds when he uses the internet regularly.​​ There are scammers, and people who​​ exploit children are now increasing, so parents must monitor every social media app they use. There are​​ easy ways to reduce the​​ risk of children. For this, parents or family members could​​ monitor and filter all the websites a child uses. Even sometimes on Facebook and other pages, the content is appropriate and illegal, which harms a child mentally. So block those sites and sit with the child whenever he uses the internet and guide him to use technology well.

  • Buying online products

Children get attracted easily when they see online stuff. Some websites show free of cost goods, and toys are for free, but they hack your details and shares to a broader community in reality. You can reduce this by using the firewall. It protects personal data and eliminates the risk of fraud and coercion whenever purchasing a​​ product online. The payments cards are sometimes hacked, so hackers are everywhere. Every person must use secure payment on trusted websites.​​ ​​ There must be a proper consideration regarding selecting websites, money payment options, and ratings of a website. ​​ 

  • Using Mobile Phone​​ 

Parents should monitor the children's usage of mobile daily. They must know what children are playing, watching on mobile phones.​​ If the mobile phone is used for hearing songs and games, it can harm children's eyes and ears.​​ So,​​ parents should keep them away from children as it also causes cancer and tumor.​​ Illness could be reduced, but what if we focused on outdoor games more than mobile phones at home.​​ There are many games which children can play they can read books. Parents must give them training.​​ Mobile phones are not bad only for children, but whoever is below 18 years old must be monitored, especially young girls, as they are exploited​​ through calls, fake messages, and scams.



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