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Challenges in E-commerce Industry

E-commerce is a type of business that enable the individual to do purchase from the online network, the companiesChallenges in E-commerce Industry and the customer often has to face challenges’ regarding the e-commerce because the customers do not trust the organization or they do not pay the money. Companies to get safe from the challenges are focused on the strategy of online-to-offline commerce so that the customers could buy from the physical stores because, in this way, there are fewer chances to face the challenges in e-commerce industry.

Challenges in E-commerce Industry

Mobile payments

The mobile payment is getting very popular in the consumers; the research has shown that the US consumers are paying by the companies by the mobiles, as there are the possibilities of digital discount vouchers. Moreover, in a way the positive influence is reported by the companies, Airbub reported that customers are getting the advantages because at the end of the checkouts the payment procedure is eliminated (Keizer, 2016).

Rating system

There are the issues with the rating system, as the customer do not give the good rating, the product rating is not good because the people may be expected the better services as given to them, therefore, the fair rating is not focused on them.

Multichannel shopping platforms

The customers of the modern world have so many options to shop, as they will never trust the company easily because they have the variety to shop for the books, they can satisfy the shopping need from the other media. The brand in this way needs to have a good reputation in the market if desires for the better outcomes, example Amazon.

Retailer-supplier collaboration

It is the second-biggest challenge, even the biggest brand are facing the issues with the retailers as the pushing back hard on the retailer demonstrate the performance of the retailer sites and the supplier collaboration.

Customers Loyalty

In the e-commerce industry, the customers are not loyal because the cost matter for them and the cost of switching is insignificant, the companies in the industry lost the customer because the rival can give them the services at the cheaper and in better quality. The companies who do not ensure the customer services programs always face the issues in a market (Crosby, 2016).

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