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Case Study on 3D Robotics

Case study on 3D RoboticsIn 2014 Chris Anderson the CEO or 3D Robotics start this company. Launching the drones that would fly and set up on there on and set of their place from point to point.

So if I were the decision maker, the next step decision would be to change the strategy of that it can be used by the all people used for farming etc. and some type of 3D Robotics solo also.

The first factor that I would consider towards making this decision is that if a company wants that its product will be useful to all people and used as solo and works for everyone then it’s a little difficult and as for this technology which is an emerging technology a little people know about that then it’s difficult that everyone can use this and on the way Anderson is talking Is a little bit difficult and that’s why company got much loss and there robots have no sale as many people don’t know the technology properly.

The second factor that I would consider towards making that decision is when you want that your technology goes door to door and you want that every single person use this then you have to conduct many seminars and spend much money on this that people can understand that how to use this technology and as well the Anderson is talking that it goes to even farmers who use them for their agriculture then its bit difficult because for a farmer and technology its difficult and when it’s in the form of drones then more .so this would be changed .

The third factor that I would consider towards making this decision is that for once we realize that you give know how to people that how that can be used or how to take advantage of that technology then you have to spend so much budget on this and as if we talk about 3D robotics it’s not a cheap product company and in respect to this a China company giving cheap rates and when you are competing in this word with this type of technological companies in which technology changes day by day .you have no time to conduct awareness and tell people how to use suppose you tell them and after some time the technology changes then your all amount spent on telling people how to use will go as a rubbish and you goes in debts and company is going to be in loss .so this strategy has to be changed because it’s a little difficult to go for this in so much early time as time goes on people understand and other companies also do some effort and work in this field then it automatically gives you a positive and plus point and you will gain for what you don’t spend much.

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