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Business Expectations For The Year 2020


The year is too far for us to foresee, anticipate, stop or carry on. With only a short span of time, we can expect major shifts in industries due to rapid growth and industrialization. The report will address several facets of programs that we intend to continue to try and avoid by 2020.

We may assume that the damage has been done to our ecosystem. Environmental abuse seems not to halt. It is so great a damage that we now experience climate change and global warming. If it’s not too late yet, much of our business activities will have to be diverted to improving the ecosystem, and promoting environmental care and safeguards, so that we can avoid, at the very least, environmental catastrophes. Such incidents are impacting not only our industries but also our personal lives as Mother Earth people.

In 2020, or somewhat over a decade from now, we should expect changes in many areas of our lives, from industry to individuals and from the countryside to urban life. In this age of electronic gadgets, robots, climate change and global warming, an arduous yet taxing world awaits Americans.

Business Expectations For The Year 2020

The environment may, or may suffer, benefit much of the changes. Climate change and global warming are the major cause of that phenomenon. In his speech, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Albert Gore, stated:

“Even now it has become harder and harder to misinterpret the signs that our world is spinning out of kilter. Due to massive droughts and melting glaciers, major cities in North and South America, Asia and Australia are virtually out of water. Desperate farmers are losing their livelihoods. People are planning evacuations of areas they have long called home in the frozen Arctic and on low-lying Pacific islands. Unprecedented wildfires have driven half a million people out of our country’s homes and triggered a national emergency that nearly brought down one government in another. Climate refugees have moved to areas where people with different cultures, beliefs and practices already reside, thereby increasing the potential for conflict. Stronger storms have threatened entire cities in the Pacific and the Atlantic. “(Albert Gore’s voice, quoted in Cruz, 2008)

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