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Business Diversity Impact on Economy Article Review

 Business Diversity

I am a fan of “business diversity”, as businesses must focus on the diversity or they need to embraceBusiness Diversity Impact on Economy Article Review diversity because it is important in the world challenging economy. However, the variety of the people and cultures can provide the effectiveness to the companies; thus, there could be benefits for the different cultures, idea, thoughts and philosophies. However, in this way, companies could also focus on the innovation, there could be attracting the talent. To manage diversity is important in the workplace because there are many benefits, as companies could solve the issues with the customers, thus, there can be dealings with the broad customer base and the cultural intelligence. Business diversity promotes the authentic diversity and there are the plans for the strategy, marketing, and sales that how major target group can be attracted towards the products and the services.

Motivational Theories

The motivational theories that we have discussed are related to the reality because theories focused on the real life benefits. Every individual has sense and if one is provided with the comfortable environment then there could be better aspects. Thus, I will focus on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the theory focuses on providing the achievement of higher-level needs so that there could be satisfaction, as the human being need safety and security and if it is provided to one in the real life then there could be better relationships. Moreover, the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes the physiological, safety, love/belonging; self-actualization and the esteem needs, there can be the focus on the good health of a person. If a person or employees are provided with all the need then the results could be in better relationships, confidence as one could feel safe and secure in the workplace, and there can be commitments.

Messy Situation

Things could be resolved due to effective communication, if there is no effective communication at the workplace then problems could occur. Example, the situation could be as if that manager does not tell the team member that how to achieve the organizational goals, he just tell them about the goals but did not train them or didn’t tell them the tactics. However, in this situation, there is the miscommunication or the lack of information. In this way, the group member would never able to achieve the tasks and there could be issues. Therefore, miscommunication can reduce the productivity and communication gaps can make the workplace ineffective, as the systems could not be managed. In the organization, it is important to manage the effective communication so that things could be delivered in the appropriate way. Exchanging information need to be in both verbal and non-verbal way, otherwise, there could be negative impacts.

The Five Basic Tenets Of Management

There are five functions of management example, planning, organizing, commanding, controlling and coordinating. Based on these management principles, the organization can bring the effectiveness in the performance because things can be done with the concentration and there can be better support for the employees. Thus, I believe that coordinating is the most effective one because there can be benefits as a team in the organization, as work could be done with the help of others and in order to get the extra credit, there could be learning and better understanding. Planning can be critical because there is need to think from various perspectives. Commanding can be most difficult as it is not easy to give orders to other or to command them in the appropriate way, there could be issues and it is the big responsibility to manage the people in a great way. Moreover, organizing and controlling can be suitable to be implemented in the organization.

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