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Business Communication in Human Resource Department


I am, as a Charian Caudle, Human Resource Manager in “Wal-Mart”, want to recruit fresh employees in Cleveland Wal-Mart, who can participate in the future of Wal-Mart and can give benefits to the local Cleveland community. I will train my employees, so they can better participate in the community, as they are fresh candidates; they will be motivated and can help the retailer Wal-Mart, as well as the community.

I want to recruit fresh candidates, as they can highly participate in the activities, regarding future development, please give me permission to recruit new employees, as they will be beneficial for us in future. The student of Northeast Ohio universities, have complete knowledge that how to take steps for the future advancement and growth.  Cleveland State University provide a verity of quality services to their students, their students are clear about the university academic mission, and participate for the excellence in the society. They have professional staff, which train and support the university student in different programs (csuohio, 2016).

Business Communication in Human Resource Department

I want to hire employees, from all universities of Northeast Ohio, especially the Cleveland University, as they are well aware about the situations of the community and they know what is needed for the improvements. Young people can bring lot of change in the firm or any organization, first, cost effectiveness; we do not have to pay them high wages they will happy in working at minimum wages, as they do not have much requirements. They will be more modest and realistic, and willing to accept low wages. At low wages they performance will be excellent, as they want to achieve something in life, and proof them-self best (csuohio, 2016).

They will be more flexible, with the working hours and with the environment of the company, as they will adopt the environment very soon, and willing to do, more work in different locations, around the state or communities. They can do research for Wal-Mart, that what is needed in the community and what effective steps could be made for better and improved services. They have ability to make change that will be better for the company and the society.

The students of Northeast Ohio universities, should be recruit, as they have willingness to learn and participate, young people or fresh students, learn more because they are not burdened by the previous experiences, they can brought the technological and scientific changes in the company.

The students of Cleveland University are well aware how to use computers and others technology, so they can participate in different approaches, regarding technology, any firm can do maximum tasks in minimum time with the help of the technology, so these students can really give number of long-term benefits to Wal-Mart (Walmart, 2016).

The student from Northeast Ohio universities, can shape the organization culture, according to the communities or societies demand, and can better tell about that what steps can participate in the quality of business output. When new opportunities are given to new employees, they will responsibility at their part, and show efficiency and effectiveness, in connection with the market.

The people can provide the important links, to the customer database, as they are the current consumers, of the market, they know about the current trends and preferences of the societies. Being a young consumer, they will have the insight of current market position; they can rapidly change the strategies, in changing with the fashion, computer gaming or music. New staff from the Cleveland State University could be loyal, as they have the insight of future mission, and their priority is getting success.

The staff could make various steps for the competitive advantages, the talented new people, give benefits to the company in making new strategies regarding, competitors. With the help of market survey, they can judge the position of competitors, and can tell Wal-Mart, that what strategies can give advantages to them (Hasluck, 2012).

Young people should be train as it is the need of our business, work-place training provide the better future, to any company. I want to give opportunities to the students of Cleveland University, because as a real workforce, they can engage self-interest to give the support to their company. Innovation and energy could also be bought in an organization, they can participate in giving ideas, and new ideas will be developed from the fresh and innovative minds. As young generation has the ability that they can change the world, they think from their own perspectives, they can help Wal-Mart in telling the current perspective of modern world or generation, they will be successful in understanding the organization and can through external recruitments risks could be balanced.

Growing talent can be helpful for Wal-Mart, as they could be helpful is telling that organic food is the demand of the modern world, they can give ideas to the company that how could company invest on organic food, how penetration can be done. The students of Cleveland University, who have studied science, can help us in telling that how could we grow vegetables or fruits, which can serve the community in an organic way. People nowadays are health conscious now, the students who know about this and have complete knowledge on related factors; they will defiantly help their organization in understanding the importance of organic food. New products could also be make by breeding, new employees could helpful for us in various ways as they have understanding of the environment.

Students studying in Cleveland University, have the new perspective, skills and ideas, that can make the business successful, they can tell ideas about new fashion, and what should we promote and what should we not? There are various aspects, which need to be recognized by the community. They have willingness to learn and they can bring the new, fresh ideas in the workplace.

New workforce will be helpful for our organization, give me permission to recruit them. Localized and engage them-selves with the communities, as they want to know about the current requirement, which will be very suitable for the Wal-Mart, the services that are given to communities should be according to the demographics, the modern thinking and modern talent would be supportive for us (Cipd, 2012).

I am as a Manager of Human Resource Department, assure that I will give all opportunities to the students or employees, who will help them to grow, all the conditions will be favorable for them. There is need to access the talented employees, which can bring more favorable conditions for the Wal-Mart, the  student who have ability and determination, and want to grow with the modern world should be encouraged, and should be suggested to us. We know they can give exciting ideas, and will care for the community and recognize the importance of strategies regarding modern world.

I need my company support, so the Northeast Ohio universities should help us in telling about most talented students, so they could be groom and in future, they can serve the nation with their new and exciting ideas.

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