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Business and Banking Sector

The guest speaker come to the university and talk about the benefits of the business and banking sector, one can flourish in the banking sector. However, the guest speaker has taken interview from the different students, in the Business and Banking Sectorinterview, the guest speaker has asked that why the students have joined the business and finance field. Students like the banking field and want to be successful, in the field, however, the guest speaker also tells then that how benefits can be there in this field.

There is the guidance about the succession planning that how the banks help the community and the individual and how the benefits can be obtained if you have a bank in your community. The guest speaker had told about the bank regulation, while working in the banking sector there is need to follow all the rules and the regulation, the given guidance should be important for everyone. If one follows the rules and regulation in the banking sector then one can grow faster and can give the higher incentives.

The concepts about the banking and finance were given, that it is the responsibility to grow and protect the organization, and however, there is the need to take the decisions, which are beneficial for the organization, there isBusiness and banking Sector scope for the individual growth. If one work in the competitive environment and of helps the organization by giving the different decisions, then one can improve the job profile. The banking sector is the most diverse sector, as there are varieties of jobs, there is wide range, which a person can select as a career path. However, banking sector can develop one personality.

He said that working in a bank, is a good thing, it is sector, where one can strive because society and community can be benefited in a way commercial banks give benefits and help to flourish the career of the banker. The benefits and advantages are there, the tactics of doing a job in a bank were also given by the speaker that how one can get effectiveness from the company and how benefits can be obtained, through working hard.

Great jobs help you grow, as said by the guest speaker, according to him, when the business is started, it takes time to grow, about 10 to 15 years are required for a business, so that the people get to know about it. However, in a bank, if one knows the how to work effectively and there is job security, as well as the job satisfaction in this field. Bank job can be considered as a job for the lifetime, if one is working good, in the field then there are chances to get promoted soon.

The succession planning, for the career growth, is very useful information for the students, because the student can get to know about that how beneficial it is to work for the community. The guidance is also given that what facilities the bank will give, and what training will be provided by the bank. In my point of view, the speaker has given us the perfect information that how banking field can be beneficial for one, and how the personality and career could be shaped in right way.

Great jobs can bring the change in the people if there is the bank in the community; community and the people can be helped, there are the future opportunities and small town branch can help to grow, in his/her career. However, telecom sector is very beneficial if the one has training that what to do in the relevant field.

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