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Boston University Admission Essay Example

I believe that Boston University suits well with my interests as well as my career goals. The university is recognized as one of the leading schools of higher learning in the United States. Also, the alumni of Boston University work all over the world in leading corporations. Furthermore, Boston University has many well learned faculty members who seek to teach students in the most conducive environment. I am confident that by gaining admission at Boston University, I will develop both personally and intellectually. The resources that exist at the university will help me throughout the entire period, and I will network with many Boston Community Members. Indeed, Boston University is the right place to acquire an education.

Babson College

I am Adelin Griseldis an international student from Indonesia. Currently, I am a student at the Shorelin Community College undertaking a degree in Art, as I am a business major. Hopefully, by gaining admission at the Babson College, Business School, I will enter into my third of study. Thereafter, I will enroll for a course majoring in either Finance or Entrepreneurship. By studying at the prestigious Babson College, I will have attained a step in the right career path. Also, I will have developed my personal life, which will in turn, contribute towards achieving my career goals.

Boston University Admission Essay Example

Most people believe that successful leaders blend their personal passions with their career goals. The successful leaders have exceptional qualities, which make them different and unique, as compared to other people. They possess qualities, which make them achieve the goals that they seek to achieve. By studying at Babson College, I can become a successful leader. The education offered at the college is of high standards due to the experienced professors. Moreover, the facilities at the college provide every student with the resources, which enhance proper and effective learning. As a student at Babson College, I will make use of the library resources, in order to obtain as much knowledge as I can. Many of the alumni of the college whom I have interacted with have attested that they spent their time at the library, gaining valuable knowledge.

Back in Indonesia, my parents own a steel company, and they are expecting me to help run it. They encouraged me to study in the United States, particularly at Babson College, as they are aware of its notable reputation. Also, they are aware that I am exceptional skilled in matters that concern numbers, and thus the reason for taking up a business major. Other than that, I want to engage in community projects especially in Indonesia, as a way of making the lives of people better. I will start self help groups, so that people in my community can become self reliant. The knowledge and skills that I will acquire while at Babson College will serve the needs of many people. Also, I am aware that in order to be a successful leader, I should be ethical, especially in matters that concern business.

It is quite clear that Babson College offers me the opportunity to become a successful leader. The college helps one develop both personally and career wise, due to its exceptional way of teaching. Indeed, Babson College is the best choice for me as I seek to obtain my undergraduate degree. Hopefully, I will join Babson College soon.

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