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Assisted Reproductive Technology

Everybody longs to have a child. The inability to bear children is a burden to most people who are in marriage. Assisted Reproductive TechnologyThere are several marriages which have collapsed because one of the couples is unable to bear a child. According to the Catholics, marriage was sanctified by God for procreation. In this case, it is against the beliefs and teachings of the Bible to allow abortion.  Any attempts to kill a fetus or reduce the chances of multiple pregnancies go against the teachings of the bible. Therefore, assisted reproductive technology poses ethical issues that will attract more attention in future.

The fatal reduction techniques such as transcervical sanction and transvaginal aspiration have been utilized in several cases. They have assisted women to eliminate unwanted pregnancies. However, they have a lot of health complications. These techniques allow women to postpone childbearing. Female fertility decreases as age advances. Therefore, utilizing these techniques may make someone to fail to sire children in future. Various reproductive organs may suffer damage if the process is not carried out efficiently.

It is important to note that millions of couples worldwide are inflicted with infertility because of the fatal reduction techniques which they used during the early stages of their marriage. These methods affect the development of the embryo in the subsequent pregnancies. Various ethical concerns accompany the advances in the use of assisted reproductive technology. The implementation of these techniques requires an individual to achieve some degree of professionalism. The fatal reduction techniques used in different states in the US contravenes the existing law. Such techniques influence the gestation period and can affect subsequent pregnancies. Therefore, fatal reduction techniques are inconsistent with the Catholic beliefs since the resultant outcome is death.

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