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Apple Case Study Analysis Summary

Summary of Apple Case Study Analysis

Apple Case Study Analysis Summary

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Introduction of Apple:

Apple Inc. is the most famous name in the technology sector, it is an innovative electronics manufacturer, which is giving benefits to the consumers and to the suppliers, and the company is using successful strategies in the market so the best results could be achieved. The company is successful because it efficiently establishes the target market, with the help of marketing mix and giving value to its customer’s company has become successful in the market.

From years Apple is maintaining its standard as it has the ability to recognize the need of the dynamic strategies, with the changing of the technology and environment, a company is able to maintain its standards and trying to reach the customer demands, through doing innovation in the products Apple is meeting the customer demands. Apple is offering cutting-edge products, which are best in the market and better than the competitors are. The products are at the top because a company is continuing towards growth and enhancing the customers’ life by expanding their product line. With the help of the strategies, Apple is fulfilling the demands of the customers, which are cohesive. Apple Inc. has loyal customers because the company is bale to satisfy their needs through using various sets of the strategies.

1.2 Apple Company Overview

Steve Jobs is a founder of Apple and incorporated the company 1977. The name of the company was Apple computer but in 2007, a company was renamed as Apple INC.  Apple is an innovative computer with the communication solutions; Tim Cook is the present CEO of the company, as in 2011, Steve Jobs died. Steven Wozniak and Steve jobs produced the Apple I, the first Apple computer in 1967. Apple Inc. has strategically made it’s headquartered in California, Cupertino, the part of the infamous valley, which is known for the high technology based companies, moreover, they gave the skilled resource output. Apple has made its segment on the regional basis as soon as it realizes that it can provide value to the customers across the world. The company products are according to the demands of the customers; Apple has a wide range of application and products (Mittan, 2010). The company is meeting the consumer needs in multiple ways, as the company did researchers on the demands, make the products, so the customer should be brand loyal, and gain confidence. Apple products are designed so they can meet all communication needs, the products of Apple are Laptop, on-the-go tablets, operating system, personal computer, online store, and accessories etc.

1.3 Apple Market Opportunity Overview

Wozniak and Jobs saw the profitable opportunities in the market, which leads them towards passion and their products o not fails in the market, they were willing to produce more productive and successful products for their customers.  Apple needs to stay competitive as it is in the technology industry, for the competitive and dynamic process the company needs to continue its research. There are two areas of the company, which is related to the external environment of the company, there are opportunities for the company dues to these areas example culture/social environment. Apple has the market opportunity as everyone in the market need to get the upgraded cell phone, in which there are no issues and if it has the superior fracture from the other cell phones. Regarding this, the life cycle of the Apple phones are very short because of the competitors do innovation. However, apple has a good brand name and quality to satisfy its customer and to get market opportunities.

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Apple has the stiff competition in the market as a brand Samsung tried to overtake the Apple in some areas but able has to sustain its competitive advantage and earning larger or greater market share is the technological industry. The competitive advantages that the company has cannot be easily imitated. While in the case if the cell phone the Apple has the resources for its workforce; workforce sis trained and able to the good idea or concept so the company can increase its market opportunities and the strengths (Jeynes, 2013).

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