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Amelie Movie Plot

Amelie Movie PlotWhy the plot of the movie Amelie serves and betters our community.

The movie Amelie is a story of a girl who has been through a bad upbringing but aims at finding a meaning in life by repairing the life of others. Frederic and Brussat describe it as a film that presents an unforgettable portrait of a woman who truly demonstrates a genius for life thanks to her spiritual life of kindness (par 2). Besides kindness Amelie defines life in the different instances of endurance, openness to life, love, leadership, goodness and justice. The film serves our community morally in many ways discussed here.

Love and joy in her serving have been illustrated all through the plot. For example when Amelie makes a point of tracking down the owner of the tin box she found in her apartment. She passed on her joy to the man through his childhood memories. Through the story she has done things out of the goodness of her heart, she repeatedly took care of people who needed it without their asking. Frederic and Brussat talk of how barbers derive great pleasure from helping people like Amelie did (par 6). The community learns that passing on joy to others enhances the feeling of well being which leads to a caring loving and a society that minds each other. These acts reduce the occurrence of crimes and most evils in the community as well as promote oneness which is a pillar for growth. Endurance and kindness are some of the morals brought about in the plot. However much her childhood didn’t have contact with many people, Amelie endured it but found a way to outlive it. Jewish mysticism teaches that God created the world with flaws, it needs to be fixed and it is fixed through human action. The idea of ‘tikkum olam’ (repairing the world) makes human beings very important (Wolpe, pg. 54). Amalie involves several instances of repairing through the emotions, the saving is portrayed as significant. For example when she steals letters and drafts an apology letter for Madame Wells from her husband get back her joy.  Their significance is a lesson that every action by a human done in goodness is for a greater good of the world. This increases the morality of humans. Goodness made Amelie feel bad when she overhears Josef think that Gina and Nino were dating. Her avenging brings about justice, the society get to believe that eventually someone will pay for something unjust they did. Amelie teaches determination through the plot. From her not so good upbringing, she is determined to lead a joyous and satisfactory life and influences her neighbor who eventually encourages her to pursue Nino who was the man she love (Frederic and Brusset, par 12).

Conclusively the morals in the plot make the community more graceful making the environment conducive for growth. This occurs by getting people joyous through helping out, taking away disappointments, uplifting the spirit of others. The community is therefore served and bettered by instances of love, kindness, goodness, joy to oneself and others and also by justice among others.

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