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Ahli United Bank Kuwait Internship Experience Report

Introduction of Company

I have worked in the Ahli United Bank Kuwait; the bank was established in Bahrain on the 31 May 2000.Ahli United Bank Kuwait Internship Experience Report Headquarter of a bank is located in Kuwait. The bank is focused on the course so that the growth could be achieved and there can be the regional expansion of the bank, the resources are focused on the staff and the bank has the experienced staff that is focused on the advanced technology solutions.

My Position

I have worked for the 90 days, as an intern in the Ahli United Bank Kuwait. My position in a bank was the teller and receptionist, my responsibility was to provide the account services, one need to have and give the information of the deposits and the loan payments. The information regarding cashing checks, series e bonds, recording night and the mail deposits, the traveler’s checks and other selling the cashier checks should be given to the customers. There is the need to answering questions of the clients, who may be at the reception or the telephone. There are other bank services included in my position.

As a teller and receptionist, it was my duty to welcomes visitors, answer to their queries and referring the inquiries. There is information given to direct visitors, the instructions or orders by the top management can be given to the departments and the people. One need to focus on maintaining the security, monitoring the logbook and issuing visitor badges. I found the position interesting because one can interact with different people, one need to stay active all day because there are responsibilities to providing the accurate information to others.

Attendance and Commitment

During working in the bank, I have worked for 90 hours, as I was committed with the attendance and commitment because I believe that attendance and regularity are important and result in the achievement of success. However, to be successful there is need to maintain the good record of attendance. My attendance was regular there, in the way I become able to understand the company environment and the culture. Thus, I understand the people working there. I got interested in knowing about the progress that how the bank and people are successful in the world.

I successfully build the rapport with the people over there and the initiate contact with them and the staff that was there. Due to not getting absent, I learn everything there as people able to understand me, I got knowledge that how to focus on the assessment and how the things should be done, the assessment tasks. The regular attendance allowed me to understand about the transactions involved in the banking field, I learned that how people collaborate with each other on the daily basis. I did the research work and presented myself in a suitable manner so that people feel comfortable working with me.

Attitude to Directions and to Feedback

My attitude to directions and to feedback collaborated, as I have learned in a team in our sector and learn that how to coordinate with the others. I have learned valuations and have the wonderful learning experience. There was the wide range of activities, which I have learned as taught by my supervisors, I have gain better insight into the world of finance, as I worked in a bank. I believe that my attitude towards the feedback and the direction was positive and nit needs to be given the higher points because I have collaborated with the team and show my abilities regarding learning. I wanted to learn and wanted to gain the experiences about the things that how people perform in the bank and how the customers could be the deal.

The seniors over there taught me that how I could fulfill my responsibilities as a teller and receptionist, so I focused on the daily routine tasks or work. I tried to learn what is taught to me, there was the clear understanding of the bank goals and principles and that how the company can make the customers, by giving the different levels of satisfaction. It is a place where customers and employees are given the values because they are cared for them. Regarding feedback by the supervisors and the other heads, I have learned efficiently what is taught to me.

Team Work and Participation

Regarding focusing on the teamwork and participation it could be said that as a teller and receptionist I have to work with the whole team of the banks, or the people of the bank, so in this, I have to collaborate with everyone in the bank. However, I had a group over there, which specifically focus on the teller and receptionist tasks. The tasks of the teller and receptionist were divided into the team members; I tried my best to achieve all the tasks and responsibilities that are given to me and I was successful in accomplishing the tasks given by the managers or the supervisor. Sometimes I was given a chance so that I can prove myself, as I helped in taking decisions, and sometimes I was given the responsibilities to manage the group. The tasks were focused in an effective way, so that the teams and group members over there could be benefited, thus, my participation in the group was effective and I have accomplished the teamwork effectively.

Oral Communication

There was the learning of the oral communication because as a teller and receptionist my work was to talk to the people all the day I was there, so there was a great learning and I come to know that how the customers and the people could be the deal in a professional way. I have learned the oral communication skills, there was the learning that how the customers could be given the preferences and how they should be welcomed in the bank and how their queries need to be solved, and I believe that my oral communication was effective because people get to know easily what I was saying to them.

There was the learning of the business communication as for how the product and services can be promoted in the organization and in front of the customer, oral communication is more important in any business especially in the bank sector because customers can be motivated.

Written Communication

However, the written communication is important in the banking sector because it is the proof that what are the terms and conditions of the business process, banking field focuses more on the written proofs so I have learned that how the files are made. In the functions of a bank, there is the electronic banking and customer banking focus more on the written material. Focuses on the functions of teller and receptionist, there was the need to make the timetables for the customers. There is need to pay attention to the paperwork, one need to read the customers papers and the transaction, therefore, in 90 days I have learned that how business written communication can be effective and the team management and teamwork could be focuses on the aspects.

Ethical Understanding

I have gained the ethical understanding regarding the financial relationship, as the social values and self-interest are focused regarding the economic transactions in the banking sector, doing the internship as a teller and receptionist I have learned about the ethics that are important to manage in the bank. There should be no personal relationship with the bank, as there is the higher level of social trust. The level of trust can be prevailing in the customers, as they trust the banks they are dealing with, a company is motivated to protect the rights and ethics as the employees and other stakeholders are given the respect and the value in the banks. I am positively influenced by the functions of the banks because there is the commitment to settle as the bank focus on the promise and future date for the clients.

There is also the personal trust of the employees, the company focuses on dealing the clients effectively, as there is the culture of equality in the organization. The bank makes the simpler contracts so there should be no lie with the people of the banks or the clients. Moreover, the banks focus on the public or private, ethical codes so that there could be effectiveness in the processes. The bank helps the people so that the conflicts could be settled by the people in banks. For the ethical concerns, the more focus is on the company or bank inside culture or environment.

Critical Analysis

Ahli United Bank Kuwait is managing its relationship very well with all the stakeholders; there is focus on providing the values to the customers so that there could be effectiveness in the bank operations. However, the banks can focus on the manpower, as the tasks need to be given according to the position and the number of responsibilities. There can be the encouragement for the interns, as they need to be given a better amount of money so that their interest could be developed in the banking field. However, the employee seems to be dissatisfied as may be the reason of the late promotion or the minimum pays. The bank in this way needs to focus more on the HR principles so that better satisfaction level can be there for the employees.

Regarding the post of the teller and receptionist, the more work is given, which can be difficult sometimes to manage on the given time. The bank can recruit other receptionists for a convenience of the customers and employees. The bank needs to do the effective advertising and promotion, so that there could be more customers and revenue of the bank could be increased. The bank is based on good principles as the relationships are managed in an effective way but through getting insight on the employee relationship, there could be the efficiency of the processes.

Leadership and Taking Initiative

The leadership and taking initiatives, regarding this point I have gain insight that how people work in the bank and how the leadership could be effective if focus from different points. To manage the system in an effective way, the leaders need to take initiatives. As during my internship, I took the initiatives that I will learn the system of a banking sector that how the people work there, I have the knowledge regarding my position and the other positions in the bank. During my programs, I also get to know that I have the leadership skills that how to manage the team and how to assign the tasks to the group member, there is the practical knowledge as I come to know about my weakness, which I will try to overcome in the future. Moreover, I got the chance to work in a professional environment where there are the learning and identification of the inner skills.

Multi-cultural understanding

During my internship in the bank, there I have the multicultural awareness as my position was at the reception, in this way; I have to deal with many people. I live in a Kuwait city, in which there are people from the different ethnic group, however, I have the greater understanding about the people and the lifestyles of groups. I have to know the values of the different people, the understanding of the people background and the country from where they belong. the experiences that the people have, multicultural awareness lead me to think on the gender perspectives and the socio-economic status of the people.

There are the issues of the diversity as the people are possessive in the bank, there is the religious affiliation of the people; Islam is the most common religion here so people focus following the rules and regulation of Islamic banking, whereas, the awareness regarding the race is also there. I got the self-awareness and get to understand my interpersonal skills. People stereotypes and prejudices awareness, which are between a group and the people are also focused. I get to have the understanding of the multicultural growth and the people values and beliefs on their religions.

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