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Administrative and Personnel Investigations


It can not be disputed that administration and personnel investigations are important roles that the security personnel play in any given organization. Administrative roles seek to enhance efficiency and improve the performance of the security personnel. Investigations are viable in problem resolution as they provide objective information upon which decision making is based. In all instances, investigators need to conform to the conditions and guidelines that are established by the organization. Usually, investigations present varied challenges especially because circumstances differ considerably. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of administrative roles by the security manning the warehouse. In addition, it underscores an objective procedure that needs to be followed by the security when carrying out investigations.

Administration of security issues and conducting of personnel investigations is at the core of security concerns in the warehouse. These should be pursued in an effective manner in order to enhance the security of the products in the warehouse as well as the occupants therein. Certainly, proper administration and conducting of investigations enables the organization to confront security concerns with ease. In addition, it helps this organization to address employee misconduct and facilitate assumption of acceptable behavior. This needs to be attained without compromising employee productivity or damaging personnel morale. The following guidelines should be followed in pursuing this goal.

Administrative and Personnel Investigations

Effective administration of security issues in the warehouse if of paramount importance for this organization. This is because it enhances efficiency and ensures that all activities are carried out in an effective and timely manner. This is essential for attainment of optimal outputs for any organization. Electronic facilities in the warehouse need to be monitored accordingly. This can be attained if security matters are coordinated in an effective manner. In this regard, it would be important for the security personnel to clearly define the roles of each employee (Curtis & McBride, 2004). It would also be useful for any security information to be stored safely and effectively for easy retrieval when need arises. Most importantly, all security personnel need to uphold professional ethics and follow guidelines accordingly.

With respect to personnel investigations, there are distinct guidelines that should be adhered to when undertaking this. These are objective and aim at limiting allegations of discrimination, harassment, dishonesty, insubordination and retaliation. According to Sloan (2008), they are procedural and start with recognizing when an investigation is required. The need for an investigation is in most instances informed by violation of rules, employee misconduct, filing of a complaint, reporting of a questionable scenario and so forth. This is followed by establishment of the goals of the investigation. In most instances, the primary objective of any investigation entails providing factual and sound evidence.

The security personnel then proceed to determination of who undertakes the investigation. The investigator needs to have sufficient experience, skills and knowledgeable of the legal dynamics and organizational rules governing investigations (Sloan, 2008). This is followed by the identification of witnesses as well as documents. Witness and document identification should be done immediately in order to avoid delays that can compromise the attainment of credible evidence. Then, the investigator proceeds to listing important questions as well as interviewing techniques. These should seek to elicit as much information as possible about the problem. After interviews, investigators need to compile the information and employ it in viable decision making.

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