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Accenture Case Study Solution

Introduction Accenture Case Study Solution

Accenture is one of the largest consulting firms in the world and one of the largest computer services and software companies. It has more than 266,000 employees in fifty-four countries and revenues of $27.9 billion in fiscal 2012. Through its network of businesses, the company enhances its consulting, technology, and outsourcing expertise through alliances, affiliated companies, venture capital, and other capabilities.


Accenture was originally named Andersen Consulting and was created in 1989 as a part of Arthur Andersen. In 2000, Andersen Consulting won the right to divorce itself from Arthur Andersen after the parent company broke contractual agreements, moving into areas of service where Andersen Consulting was already an established leader. However, it then had to change its name. This was an extremely significant event, because Andersen Consulting had built up considerable brand equity in its name, partly by spending approximately $7 billion over ten years on building the name

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  1. Discuss the role of marketing research in helping Andersen Consulting select a new name (Accenture). If Accenture were to select a new name today, would social media research be helpful? If yes, how?

When the company challenged its employees to come up with suggestions for a new name by creating an internal contest, it meant that they had to undertake research. It is after that extensive marketing research that they came up with the name. If they were to rebrand again, research would play an even greater role.

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  1. Define Accenture’s target market. Discuss the role of marketing research in helping Accenture understand the needs of its target customers.

The Accenture target market is global. Marketing research has facilitated interactions between the clients and the world at large with the company. This has helped Accenture to understand the needs of its clients.

  1. Accenture would like to increase preference and loyalty to its services. Describe the management decision problem.

Coming up with an approach that will would increase preference and loyalty in such a large company is not easy. It’s a hard decision to make because it would involve a lot of consultation to the employees and clients which can be very tedious. The cost that would be involved to facilitate the decision is also enormous making it a problem.

  1. Define a suitable marketing research problem corresponding to the management decision problem that you identified in question 3.

The people involved in research process to identify the best approach to increase loyalty face a major challenge. Gathering information globally and interacting with different people, and sometimes giving conflicting suggestions make it even harder to make a decision.

  1. Develop a graphical model explaining how a Fortune 500 firm would select a consulting organization.

consulting organization

Research Questions
  1. Develop two research questions, each with two hypotheses, based on the marketing research problem you defined in question 4.
  • If Accenture spent $175 million dollars to rebrand itself, what should they do next time if they wish to rebrand to reduce on cost?
  • After rebranding, Accenture realized more people were visiting their website. Does rebranding really help business grow its client base and increase sales?


The case describes the marketing research conducted by Andersen Consulting to change its name, while at the same time maintain the brand equity and the goodwill of its previous name. Andersen Consulting was able to successfully transition to a new name and a new identity, reflecting the new realities of the market and Accenture’s positioning in it.

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