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Acai Berry Advertisement Evaluation

Acai Berry Advertisement

Acai Berry Advertisement Evaluation


Acai berries are a fruit, which shapes like grapes, black in colour. They are originated from Acai palms grown in rainforests of South America. These berries are concerned with many health benefits including losing weight, clearer skin, they also prevent from cancer researchers are working on this point but it can help in the prevention of cancer like other berries. It has a number of nutrition facts just like electrolytes, trace minerals, amino acids and a very less amount of important fatty acids as well. It also has antioxidants like anthocyanins, polyphones, vitamins A, C and E. It has omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 and other fatty acids like linoleic acid, plasmatic acid and oleic acid as well.

Certain essential amino acids, Electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese), B vitamins (B1, B2 and B3), Plant sterols (B-sit sterol, camp sterol and sigma sterol), Dietary fibre, Trace minerals (iron, calcium, copper and zinc). The advertisement about the Acai berries super food includes all the essential parts, which can attract those peoples who want these benefits for their health. It has all the benefits include which when one utilizes can get a healthy and prosperous life ahead. (David Kiefer, 2016)


The product Acai berry diet capsules are manufactured by an international medicine company Natrol. They advertised for it very well. As they bring in it the entire essential and key benefits that can help in promoting these capsules very much efficiently. The advertisements they made are very much attractive e and they contain enough material, which can convince anyone to use it and buy it at once. It attracts the people of age between 22 to 40 years old. These capsules have the surety to lose weight in four to five weeks with no side effects. There are many benefits to use these pills as they have proven and tested by scientists with proper authentication of them. This advertisement contains the guaranteed stamp from the food and health supervised authorities.

This advertisement is published in Sunday Express Magazine describes all the essential and important beneficial facts that are very much important to know by the people because they are going to use it for their weight loss. The most attractive factor of these capsules is that they have not very Geneon side effects as the user when uses it must have the proper diet related to it may not use any ether medication with it, do not over diet it and may not use it with unhealthy food items like alcohol or any other dangerous energy drinks. (Brent A. Bauer, 2015)

This advertisement will attract more people and inspire them as well to use it as some of the renowned celebrity is published in this advertisements so that people will trust more on this product because it is tested by the experts and used by their favourite celebrity whom which they trust more on it. This advertisement captures the users by the line “Worth the weight” this line attracts those people at once who have a lot of weight and sick of it. The regular use of this pill will help them in losing their weight without any worse effects on their health especially.

Advertisement Strategies

This advertisement includes few strategies, which can attract customers very much that are first:  Use of ingredients; when ingredients of any product are displayed on the product or its advertisement it became very helpful for the user to know about their positive and negative aspects of all the ingredients used to manufacture it. Because people became very much conscious of their health and it must be the very much important consideration of the manufacturer as well. Secondly: it indicates towards the use of fresh fruits as well with the capsules and it avoids people to use some unhealthy and unhygienic food items, which can cause an adverse effect on their health. Thirdly: The celebrity advertised in this add has the generously much weight put on but when people say it’s losing weight they will definitely use it by trusting it that it is a Geneon product to use for losing weight with proper testing of the food experts.

Positive Aspect

The positive aspect of this product is that it has the entire natural ingredient placed in its manufacturing. It is attractive to the customers and the celebrity used for the advertisement has truly tested it on her health. (draxe.com)

Negative aspect

These supplements advertisements are also manufactured by other companies as well so somehow people may not attract towards it first by considering it as the same as others have shown them already. People somehow may able to know this that some ingredients present in the making of these supplements may have an adverse effect on the health such as too much eating of this may cause mouth swelling and liver inflammation as well. (Ahmed, 2017)


Summing up all the points and aspects of the advertisements point of view from my report we can say that the advertisement of every product may be very much attractive and also affordable for the users because people want to solve their issues and they also want it no normal prices a swell with good results. All the negative and positive aspects of the advertisements must be considered in view by the people because it is related to the health of people that is very essential to be considered carefully. The positive aspects must be mentioned and all the negative aspects which are not to be mentioned in the advertisement must be aware by the people who have been known by people so that they may not get worried or disturbed by the use of that product or any harmful aspect may not cause any loss to them.

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