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Abou Shakra Restaurant Case Study Solution

Questions:Abou Shakra Restaurant Case Study Solution

  1. Describe Abou shakra in terms of the value it provide for customers?

Abou shakra was first launched in Cairo , 1947 (at EGYPT ) as   it spread its chain all around as a well known place  for simple Egyptian dishes in start like  charcoal cooking- grilled meat, kababs, and kofta.according to them hygiene ,well decorated ,managed . delicious food is much more important than location. Their all dishes had the well known standard like all well royal class restaurants.and it provides a good deal for its customers by maintaining exceptional quality of traditonal food and dine.

  1. Do you think Abou shakra should develop a high-growth strategy? Why or why not?

I really don’t think that Abou Shakra should develop a high growth strategy in a sense because  keeping the menu simple also limits the cost of purchasing from suppliers if this not done it requires more mangers ,chefs to hire to follow up orders. As Abou shakra has become a international food chain, if its outlet does not provide services according customers  passion and satisfaction which is currently the basic asset of Abou shakra. its hurts the whole market of the food chain .

  1. Should Abou shakra spend more on advertising than is currently expended?

Abou Shakra is using appropriate  approach of advertising which is increasing of appetites by “ Word of mouth “. People were listened by their loves and relatives about their experience of thing which they are going to try. So the Abou Shakra should not spend money on advertising, and spent on quality which was iys base .they should continue satisfying their customers with un believeable  services and high quality food because people would more likely to follow the advice of people close to them then promotional ads.

  1. Do you think that the legacy of Abou Shakra will continue, with consumer tastes changing and moving towards nontraditional cuisine? Why or why not?

No, the legacy of Abou Shakra will not continue, with consumers  taste changing and moving towards non-traditional cuisines  because  every business should be change according to customers demand  If this don’t happen it will lead to the loss of restaurants reputation. Also it lead to the moving of customers toward other restaurants with required and desired cuisines.

  1. Suggest other methods by which Abou Shakra can provide value to its customers?

Abou Shakra  can provide value to customers by enchanting offers which divert their mind to only their restaurant : like by introducing prize bonds on value able  things ,by lowering meal prizes and by giving valuable discounts to people on their lovable items …

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