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6 Reasons Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in School


Mobile Phone Use in School


Cells phones are the major requirement of the students in the present age. Students want to take their cell phones in schools. However, in most of the schools, cell phones are banned and not allowed. Students that bring their cell phones to such schools face the heavy fine and physical punishment also. Such schools administration claim that cell phone can cause disciplinary issues in the educational institute. Further, they also claim that students at the school age do not need cell phones and other electronic devices for their studies. On the other hand, some schools administration only allow the use of cell phone after the class lectures. Such schools are with the opinion that cell phones are compulsory for the security and better learning of the students. While in my opinion cell phones should be allowed in the schools. Cell phones help students improve communication, learning, and citizenship behavior.

Arguments on Mobile Phones Use in School


  • Allowed For Emergency Case

Mobile phone should be allowed in the school for the case of emergency. Students in the school sometimes go to school and back home personally or through the public transportation. They could face the transportation issue or other problems that put them to face security issues. In such a situation, they need cell phones to contact their parents for help. Without a cell phone, they cannot contact their parents or anybody who can help them in case of emergency. Other than these students also sometimes stay at school even after the school timing is over for their plans and sometimes for group studies. In such a situation, the mobile phone can help them to inform their parents about their plans.

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  • Educationally Use

Mobile phone should be allowed in school as it can be used educationally. Through mobile phones, students can take pictures of important notes and points while consulting reference books at the school library. Students can also search difficult words and concepts on the internet to get a clear idea.

  • Tech Kids Digital Responsibility And Citizenship

According to a research, 58% of students bring cell phones in the banned schools that promote a negative trend in schools. By allowing cell phone we can take control over the promotion of negative attitude. Mobile phone use at the school can teach the children digital responsibility and citizenship. Students learn their moral and social responsibilities while using technology. Educational institutions and teachers teach students about the positive use of cell phones at the early stages of education. Teachers teach them about the rights of the other students and social norms. The cell phone also promotes communication skills of the students that help them in developing positive citizenship behavior.

  • More Organized Students

Cell phones can help the students be more organized. Through the use of cell phone students can develop their plans in calendars. They can set alarms about their timetable towards leisure and study time. Through the use of cell phone students can create organized notes folders. They can read their books in free time with the help of e-books on the cell phone. Thus they can save their time and be more organized.

  • Mobile Phone Saves Money

Cell phone use in the school can help the students save money. Students can download free books and other course-related material free of cost form the internet on their mobile phone that saves the money to purchase reference books form the market. Students can also save pictures of notes, download dictionary and access other study related material free through the use of cell phone that can generate higher expense if the student tries to access through manual methods and personally visiting.  According to research 47% students who have cell phones download their books in pdf while only 31% purchase and 35% borrow books.

  • Helps in Communication

Cell phone helps communication goes on. If school administration will allow the use of cell phone in the school it will promote the communication. Students will be able to stay in contact with other students in the school. In the big schools, students find it difficult to contact their friends after the lecture is over. Through cell phone, such problems can be solved as a single text can tell them where their friends are. While through the use of cell phone they can stay in contact with their parents that really necessary for both. While chatting with their class fellows also improve their communication skills. Through the cell phone, students can also contact their teachers if they find something difficult and problematic in their studies thus learning can be also improved through the use of the cell phone.

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The cell phone is basically a need of today’s world. Above mentioned all arguments shows the importance of cell phone for school going students. According to all these, we can say that the benefits of the cell phones are more than the disadvantages. Therefore cell phones should be allowed in the schools. While administration should ban the use of cell phone during the class lecture. The teacher should ask students to put mobile phones at the teacher’s table. Thus disciplinary issues can be resolved.

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