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Zyrtec Allergy Medication Ad Advertising Strategies


Advertising is an integral part of any business. It determines the profitability of a business as it is mainly aimed at attracting new customers, as well as retaining the existing customers. The increasing competition in the world of advertisement has ensured that advertisement companies come up with creative ways of persuading people to buy their commodities. Persuasive advertising techniques have ensured that companies are always in the eyes of the people, especially those who make decisions pertaining to rejecting or purchasing certain products. In essence, advertising has grown into a multibillion dollar industry with the sole goal of persuading people to purchase the products being offered. One of the key ways of persuading people to buy products is by incorporating the element of happiness, as seen in the Zyrtec Allergy Medication Ad.  It is evident that advertisement creates the notion that happiness is within reach and that it comes with the next purchase of the commodities offered.

One of the strategies used in the case of this advert is appealing to emotion. The advert attempts to evoke an emotional response from the consumer (Alstiel and Grow, 17). The lady in the advert talks about people suffering from indoor allergies and outdoor allergies, or even both and states that she falls under the third category. She seems to be living quite well and enjoying the fullness of her life despite the fact that she has both indoor and outdoor allergies. She complements the image of happiness by stating that she is now freer to do what she wants, where she wants. This is bound to evoke feelings of happiness, and cement the thought that the next consumer purchase of Zyrtec Allergy Medication would enhance his or her happiness.

Zyrtec Allergy Medication Ad Advertising Strategies

In addition, the advert uses the association principle. This is an advertising technique that revolves around creating a mental link between the product and desirable qualities (Alstiel and Grow, 25). These include attractiveness, success and freedom among others. It is worth noting that these appeals are more often than not implicit. In fact, the lady does not implicitly state that the consumer has to buy the product if he or she wants to be attractive and successful. However, it is evident that the advert shows story lines and images that espouse these values. The lady moves around the immaculate home, with immaculate furniture and an incredible lawn. In addition, she is immaculately dressed, attractive and in an impressive body shape. It is worth noting that the indoor and outdoor environments encompass happiness and satisfaction, but may not be immaterial to people who are allergic. The consumer, therefore, would have to purchase the product so as to enjoy these immaculate environments.

In addition, the Zyrtec Allergy Medication Ad incorporates the use of glittering generality. These are creative or creative techniques of advertising that are filled with phrases and terms that incorporate positive connotations attached to them (Alstiel and Grow, 45). It is worth noting that the lady after asking the viewers whether they have heard about Zyrtec Allergy Medication, she states that it is “great” news for people with indoor allergies, outdoor allergies or both as is her case. The use of the term “great” is bound to encompass or stir up a positive connotation about the product in the consumers. These positive connotations outline a relatively happy life, which would undoubtedly come with the next consumer purchase of Zyrtec Allergy Medication.

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