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Zoology Admission Essay Example

It seems to me and perhaps in my learning vocation, that learning itself is a procedure that defines itself as it goes on. More precisely, choices present themselves as education continues to move forward and this serves in encouraging more detailed trail. Student fundamentally comes to learn what they mainly want to study and for me, I have realized what I want to study due to my growing interest in Zoology.

One cannot easily explain what creates an attraction or enthusiasm for a specific kind of learning because there are several elements involved in learning. On a certain level, and even during my high school career, I realized that I possessed an aptitude for zoology. Knowledge regarding zoology comes to me more smoothly and I have retained the knowledge for a long time and very successfully. This is an advantage to me and this advantage has off course tied me to instinctive delight of studying zoology.

Zoology Admission Essay Example

From my own point of view, there is a cycle that has already been set in motion in my life and the study of zoology time after time whets my craving for more of the same. A student who pursues any subject should have a sense of rightness and follow his or her dreams. From my own point of view, I interpret to an instinctive consciousness that zoology is a discipline to which I can considerably donate, as long as I recognize the amount of energy and study required by the work.

I have gained knowledge in Zoology as far as education is concerned. First I have acquired Masters of Science in Zoology from the University of Tripoli and secondly, I possess a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the same university making me very much informed as far as the field is concerned. Apart from the basic knowledge I acquired in school, I have also gained some experience by working in the same field. I first worked as a teacher in Microbiology lab in an Agricultural college based in Tripoli, then I went to a veterinary school where I worked as a teacher in Parasitological lab, after working at the veterinary college, I worked as a lab technician in Emitiga Hospital, I also taught Biology in Al Asma high school, taught Microbiology classes in a Nursing collage and finally taught Histology and Microbiology at the Faculty of Higher Institute for Medical Professions. Doing all these jobs made me gain more experience and added to what I already knew.

On a more practical level, writing my thesis also established that I had the curiosity of pursuing a zoology career.  When I completed my undergraduate studies, I had a sentiment that doing sensible researches in zoology would give me better standpoint on my PhD school. I therefore started securing positions that would award me experiences not only in the academic world but also in my future career. I did my researches in places like, Agricultural research center which is based in Tripoli, Libya and here I was a research participants; I carried my research on potato tuber moth biological control.

Zoology is an extremely huge field of study. My enthusiasm for zoology does to bar me from seeing the fact that brilliance inside an individual can only be accomplished via detailed focuses on detailed components. I am still not aware of what this will bring for me. I am so much surprised by the manner in which zoology is seen as an essential science in the current understanding of extinction rates and species and these factors goes to important environmental concerns. I am also interested in studying the manner in which evolution takes place.

Modern technologies and insights are capturing facts of evolution taking place around us and also in various species. The only thing I can state with great confidence is that, multiple sciences revolving around zoology are where I have placed my ambitions. I am very sure this is true because, in the field of zoology, I am very eager to begin by discovering how much there is to gain more knowledge.

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