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Zappos Case Study Analysis Summary

Case Study On Zappos Incorporated


Zappos is focused on providing the best to the customers, the company has the properly managedZappos Case Study Analysis Summary structure and the good customer service reputation in the market, and all operations are carried out in the warehouses, however, it has the over 1.5 million items. The company wants to [provide the satisfactory items to the customer so they can be retained for the long-term. The company has many famous products example, it sells, handbags, jeans, shoes, accessories etc. The company provides the information about the products on the websites so that they can get the benefits and can contacts if they face any issue regarding the product, it has the verity and potential customers across the world.

While explaining the business model of the Zappos is focused on the 3 C’s. The customer services, so that the customers can be given benefits and there is need to focus on their needs. Clothing, they are providing the large range to variety to the customers so that they can be satisfied, however, last is the company culture, example their teams are happy and work together for the benefits.

One Primary Value Creation

The Company is providing the orders and services to the customers in the better way, they are focused on the shipping and inventory management so the delivery of the products must be done on the time and customers can get what they desired or what they need.

One Support

However, the company is providing the support through hiring and training the employees, good salaries, and medical care is given to them.

One general management process

The general management process of the company includes the HRM, Finance management, IT, marketing etc.

The Role Of Service Encounters And Service Management Skills At Zappos

Zappos is focused on providing the best product and services to the customers, they listen to the feedback from the customer, if any customer is facing the issues in the product, as mentioned in the case study that the customer has complained about the shoes that the shoes are a leak. On this, the company provides the client with the new shoes, the customer was said to keep the shoes with him. This is the reason company is famous for providing the best services to the consumers. The employees and the other trainees are given the knowledge that how the customers should be deals, they know the importance or worth of their customers, they always want to serve the customers in the better way, so they can be happy and company can provide the wow services to the clients.

For the good experiences of the customer, Zappos have the strategies so the clients can be effectively deals and the positive results can be there. Moreover, the company is creative and open-minded. The company is focused on building the relationships. The company is making the team so that positive results can be there. The employees or the customer services, which is provided there is determined towards achieving the goals through passion and determined. There are growth and learning for the employees, they are earning selling skills while working in the Zappos Inc.

Operation Managers Do:

OM Activities Goods and services
Forecasting Goods: Zappos is focused on the forecasting because in their business forecasting about the fashion, price, selling is very essential.

Services: The attitude of the customers towards the product or item cannot be forecaster the participation of the customers is also difficult to predict, the physical goods are being focused

Process Design Goods: The process design of the company is very beneficial for the customers. The company carried out good quality audits and managed the costumers’ relationship effectively.

Services: The manufacturing processes are outsourced; the company provides the free shipping to the customers.

Scheduling Goods: The company has scheduled the goods and services in the better way, the goods are outsourced through the shipment and then come to the Zappos warehousing and then an advertisement, shipping schedules.

Services: Services include the benefits to the customers from the call center staff, which include maintenance etc.


Difference Between The Goods And Services:

  • Goods Are Tangible, The Service Is Intangible

Zappos is focused on providing the online services to the customers so they are giving the equal importance to the goods and services.

  • Customers Participate In Many Service Processes, Activities And Transaction

For Zappos customers are very valuable, the company is focused on providing the more certainty all the activities, transaction and process, so they could be retained.

  • The Demand For The Services Is More Difficult To Predict Than The Demands For The Goods

The goods are countable so the analyses could be done; the company has managed the inventory in the warehouses so that the demand could be predict, however, services are difficult to predict.

  • Services Cannot Be Stored As The Physical Inventory

Inventory can be stored for the long period, however, services cannot be stored, and the staff needs to be trained for the services, as the company Zappos is focused on providing the best online services.

  • Services Management Skills Are Paramount To Successful Services Encounter

The company or the managers are checking out the services given by the staff, in order to maintain the services, all the processes carried out effectively.

  • Services Facilities Are Typically Needed To Be In Close Proximity To The Consumers

To provide the best facilities to the consumers is very important, the warehouses and the services are managed in this case.

  • Patent Cannot Protect The Services

The company cannot protect the competitors from using the patent; the competitors are affecting the Zappos businesses across the world.

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