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Women Leaders in The Gulf Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco Regarding Women Leaders


            This article has focused on a view from Saudi Aramco regarding women leaders in the Gulf countries. The most senior executive of oil giant is a female and she recounts her experiences at Saudi Aramco as the young leader and its approach is described to developing the women who are actually talented. She has shared her life story that she had the complete family support since the very beginning. She completed her MBA from the United States. She was the supervisor of housing policy at Aramco in the early 1990s.

Moreover, this article has focused on developing the next generation and the Saudi Aramco company has been the regional leader in this regard, they hire women as well. Saudi Aramco believes that the right talent is essential to be the leading energetic company. Target younger people and talented women is an effective business strategy. Self-awareness diagnostic can be combined by the women leadership. The company arrange the events to invite Saudi student women so that they could hear the inspirational speeches and learn from them.

Women Leaders in The Gulf Saudi Aramco


This article seems very interesting and shocking at the same time. There is a perception about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that women do not work there and it is a male dominant country. But after reading this article, I have realized that women are given the equal rights as men in Saudi Arabia and the country is full of the talented women. The companies like Saudi Aramco are doing a great job of promoting women. I came to know it for the first time that the companies in Saudi Arabia especially arrange the events to give inspirational lectures to Saudi student females as the development project for the next generation. It is highly encouraged for the Saudi women that they are given the opportunities by companies like Saudi Aramco to excel in their career and enjoy the high standard of living.


            The efforts of the targeted leadership development include bright opportunities and formal mentor ship are the one place for women to start. In the Gulf countries, given the limited working opportunities to the women may shrink the market size. The companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries should follow the development program for future generation of Saudi Aramco. The networking industry especially needs to encourage the female staff as there are fewer opportunities for women and currently, many rely on media coverage type alternative channels, to get their ideas hearing. Corporate needs to supplement such actions. The two-pronged approach is taken by the Saudi Aramco so that women leaders could be developed. Saudi Aramco encourages the women participation in their business program that majorly focuses on the employees at the junior level that just have started the career. Women leadership is another program of Saudi Aramco that geared to the most senior women of the company.

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