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What is the Purpose of Author

Author’s Purpose


An author could writes for many reasons as there could be facts and true information in the authors writing, thus, these writers are writing to inform, other writers could write for the fiction stories and those stories are not true, but the writers write them so that people could enjoy, there writers are writing the stories to entertain people. Moreover, other writers could write the stories to try to get people do the things they needed, in this way, these writer are persuading the people so that they do that thing.

What is the Purpose of Author

There can be various purposes of the writers to write the stories, as coming to the literature spans genres and the target audience age groups, the writers are using the number of way or approaches known as the author concepts so that they could able to develop the connection with the people of different age group. Authors are now focused on the dramatic change so that new generation could able to understand the literature of old or modern age, thus, in this way; the connection is made with the children and adult because they take the character seriously. The authors could create the rhetorical situations or theories so that there could be the relevant thinking and concepts could be given to audience.

How Different Authors Approach The Subject

The purpose could be explained as the REASON because there are reasons to persuade, inform, or entertain.

  • Persuading the audience
  • Inform and enlighten the reader.
  • Entertain the audience in specific ways

Some Questions

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