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What is Copyright and Crown Copyright

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal right that is created by the country law; according to the law, the creator of the grants allow the exclusive rights to his original work that there could be use and distribution of his work. They right are limited by some limitation, there are the fair uses and there is the major limitation, which may limit to share the original expression, of the ideas. Copyright may also be known as intellectual property that may be applicable to certain forms of the work, copyright may work in the tangible form, in which there is the license of the work or the rights to use the work. The duration of copyright is 50 to 100 years (Stim, 2013).

What are the period of time the authors may retain the rights over their work?

There are many publications, which reserves some rights, there may wish to retain some right. The authors have the bundles of the rights, they may transfer the rights to the publication, however, it depends on the author that whether they want to retain all rights and license publication or not. There are some rights, which can retain by some specific rights, the right to make the reproduction, the right to borrow the portion, the right to add work, right to make the presentation, the right to add the material for thesis or dissertation etc (Cabrera, Alliance, Ostroff, & Schofield, 2015).

What is Crown Copyright? Why is it in disuse?

Crown copyright is the form of the copyright claim, which is used by the government and this is a number ofWhat is Copyright and Crown Copyright commonwealth realms. However, there are the special copyrights in the rules that are for the crown, state and government departments are the example of state entities. In the crown, rights there is the material, which is covered by the servants, government departments and the minister, agencies etc. The crown copyright is under the section 163 of copyright as design and patient act 1988. Moreover, there is largely fallen into disuse of crown copyright because of charging a fee (Stamp, 2011).

Example of Fair Dealing:

Fair dealing is dealing with the copyrights as the using of the material in any way; the rights are reserved to the copyright owner. The material could be used for the transformative purpose, there could be a criticism, parody and the comment upon someone work, fair use may be sometimes done without the permission of the writer. An example may be given as when a person copies all the work, which is available for sales or a movie, which is copied, the concept can be same like movies of Hollywood are copied by Bollywood. Example, The Bollywood movie Sarkar (2005) is copied by Godfather (1972).

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