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What is Aesthetically Pleasing Artwork



In this chapter I found orthodox painting aesthetically pleasing because they has attractive antique designs and shows the beautiful scenario of artwork of past. Chinese in this artwork seems to capture the idea of westerns this arises a question that is china copying from western. I like this artwork because use of colors and calligraphy in this artwork is just amazing and eye-catching. Artists in this artwork use the brushstroke with such a fine and unique style that it must catches the attraction of someone.

The person who just about to pass through that by just having a single look he / she will defiantly wait and see it with a lot of likens and interest. The artwork of Korea I found least pleasing because it had the improper patterns in it. The use of colors and style of filling was just disgusting sometime. The artists in this style of artwork what tried to show no one can understand that at one look. Most people do not get that message even after too many looks on that artwork.

What is Aesthetically Pleasing Artwork

The two artworks, which increased my understanding of art, were orthodox painting and court and professional painting. These two methods or processes have an art in it. The artist in these methods put all the uniqueness and style in it. This artwork was eye-catching and very attractive as well for the people who have interest in paintings. Even those people who do not have any understanding in painting must take interest in painting after watching these artworks once.

According to my opinion the silk movement which introduces the new Korean style artwork methods was the most impressive method .The new Korean styling was improvised and of it.

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