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What are Home Healthcare Services

What are Home Health Services?

Are you someone who is curious about what home health services are? Then this article is for you. Home healthcare services are as the name suggests healthcare at your doorstep. Home healthcare provides you with a wide range of services that can be provided at the comfort of your home for any illness and injury. Imagine if you are someone who cannot travel lengths of distance to get your regular treatment. The best healthcare services are the ones that provide the same level of services when one gets at a hospital but with an added benefit which is more attention and care. Homecare Health services can be in various forms such as short-term nursing services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work, and home health aide services. The private duty caregivers who provide these services can be of three types which are:

  • Companionship and personal care
  • Private duty nursing
  • Other home healthcare services

In-home care services these are the kinds of services that are usually given:

  • Self-care such as grooming, bathing, dressing and using the toilet.
  • Enabling transfer from bed to other parts of the house.
  • Assistance with meal planning and medications.
  • Supervision for people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Care for diseases spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury etc.
  • Monitoring vital signs regularly.
  • Catheter and feeding tube care.
  • Ostomy or gastrostomy care
  • Ventilator care.
  • Wound care such as a surgical wound.
  • Nutrition and intravenous therapy.
  • Catering to serious mental health illnesses.

Moreover, these services can also be customized depending on which homecare Services Company is sought. These services are usually meant for the elderly people who need a constant check-up for their vitals but these patients can be any age. The medical staff can either be skilled or non-skilled caregivers trained to provide assistance with daily living or any sort of medical assistance. These caregivers are even hired to provide social services such as companionship, especially, to the elderly. These healthcare professionals are hired usually to avoid re admissions of hospitals which inadvertently cut the commute and some of the medical expenses. Homecare services are usually considered to be expensive however that is not the case, according to one source a stay in hospital may cost up to $6200 while homecare visits can cost $135 each time. Statistics from health research paper examples also states that patients also have fewer visits to the lab. The main goals of healthcare services are:

  • Improved health conditions – for example, improved speech or physical activity through speech and physiotherapy.
  • Regain independence – for example in surgical wounds which takes time to heal so healthcare is given so they get back their independence.
  • Regain self-sufficiency – regain strength to walk on their own without any assistance.
  • Maintain current conditions – by assisting with their vitals and medications.
  • Slow decline – help the elderly with their decreasing health conditions.

What are Home Healthcare Services

What Homecare Staffs are Expected to do?

Although it has been discussed what homecare staffs are to provide in their services people often get confused exactly on what they are expected to do. Well first of all homecare staffs are instructed to follow the orders and the treatment plan of the doctors. The medical staffs are usually the ones who report back on the health to the doctor and inform the family members, therefore, there is smooth communication. These caregivers are highly trained professionals who will communicate the progress and the medical terms to the patient and the families. A typical caregiver would be taking care of:

  • What the patient is eating and drinking
  • Checking the vitals such as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing.
  • Checking whether medications are been taken on time.
  • Ask how the patient is managing their pain or whether you need assistance to reduce pain.
  • Check the safety of the patient in their home.
  • Educate the patient and their family about their condition so you may take care of yourself.
  • Communicate your health conditions with the doctor.
  • Therapeutic exercises to encourage the elderly to indulge in physical activities.
  • They may assist the elderly get around the house with their accessories such as their glasses, can or inhaler.
  • Keep check and balance for the signs of an emergency.
  • Allergies or special diet needs – especially if their stomach is upset because then they would need special care for their upset stomach which may occur in the case of diabetic patients.
  • Give assistance with mobility issues.
  • Deal with behavioural issues and educate their family to deal with them.
  • Some healthcare is even trained to provide counselling to ease their mental health issues and prepare them to deal with situations better.
  • Keep their toll on all your likes and dislikes.

What are Home Healthcare ServicesDoctors usually provide you with the agencies that provide the care you or someone whom you are seeking care for would need. Home healthcare givers provide you with the care for a long period of time so old adults may become independent with their lives despite the intensity of illness or injury. Some of the factors you can look for in a good homecare caregiver is a good-friendly personality who knows how to deal with stubborn elderly or with a negative attitude. The caregivers need to be attentive and strategize their caregiving plans according to the changing or declining health conditions of the patients. The caregivers need to have impeccable communication skills so they may keep a toll on any changes that the elderly or child may try to report. The caregivers need to have a robust and agile mind who can keep up with all the changes.

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