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8 Websites and Online Tools Every Student Should Use

If you are a student, you will find these websites quite helpful. These are the places, where you can get online assistance for many aspects of your life as a student. So if you have any struggles with studying or organizing your time, give them a try.

Websites and Online Tools Every Student Should Use

Online Essay Writing Service

The first and most important website for any college student is BuyEssays.net. This is the best place for buying essays online. So if you are struggling to meet your assignment deadline, do not panic. Now, you will not need to spend a sleepless night writing it. Order your paper from professional writers.

If you purchase custom papers from this website, you can be sure that you will pay cheap and get quality and plagiarism-free work. So, buy your essay online and save your money and time.

Know Your Bedtime

The second website is called sleepyti.me. It tells you what time you should wake up in the morning to feel refreshed. You definitely hate it when your alarm goes off in the middle of a dream. The whole idea is that it tries to wake you up when you are not in a REM sleep cycle. It can help make your mornings good and fix your sleep routine.

Stay Away from Procrastinating

The third website is called KeepMeOut.com. If you keep scrolling through social media while studying, this website is great for you. All you do is type in the websites you know you should not be on when you’re studying. It will warn you every time you visit the site more than once in a particular time frame.

Best Online Educational Platform

The next website we want to talk about is called EDX.org. It is one of the world’s leading MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms. It was originally founded by Harvard and MIT a few years ago.

This platform offers anyone around the world access to amazing educational resources. Also, there are some of the courses you can do at your own pace, so you can complete them in your own time.

The First Steps of Your Research

The next website is Wikipedia. Usually, your tutors will tell you to not reference Wikipedia in assignments. But it can be useful for the early stages of research. It can be quite helpful to look up a particular topic, theory, event or person in history on Wikipedia.

It gives a brief explanation and simplifies the information. So it is easier to understand the basics before actually moving on to deeper research.

Relevant Information Resources

Speaking of thorough research, we have Google Scholar for this purpose. It is another useful website, which is like Wikipedia. But this one gives you more comprehensive outlines of topics.

With it, you can access a range of relevant articles and databases for your research. It is great for accessing free online journals so that you can get a better understanding of your topic. And again, you can reference these articles on your assignment.

Learn Everything with Fun

This might be unexpected, but we are going to talk about YouTube. This is one of the best websites when it comes to independent learning. YouTube is a great helper in situations where your teacher has not explained a topic very well.

You can search up a particular topic that you are studying and find thousands of videos that simplify all the information. And it makes it quite enjoyable to study. Also, if you are a visual learner and need to see things in front of you, then it makes even more sense for you.

Keep Track of Your Tasks

Our last but not least website is toodledo.com. This is a great website for helping you organize your long to-do lists and stay focused. And it is amazing because you do not have to write things down.

So if you do not have a piece of paper around, you can keep it all on this website. You will find it helpful because you can use it on your computer and access it on your phone as well. It categorizes all your tasks according to their priority level. Also, it organizes them into folders, which is very convenient.

And that is it. Using these websites in your studying process, you can make your student life much easier. It will become more organized and productive. So, we hope that you will find them helpful.

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