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Ways to Support HR Functions in Sadara Chemical Company

Sadara Chemical Company has the respective HR in the industry; the company has the unique alliance because the HR matters are focused, right person are chosen for the opportunities and there are the efforts to enhance the talent. However, effective steps could be taken for the further effectiveness in the industry and market so there could be development and vision become successful.

Ways to Support HR Functions in Sadara Chemical Company

Ways to Support HR Functions in Sadara Chemical Company

3 HR Activities to Support Organization

  • Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection need to focus in the Sadara Chemical Company, the Saudi talent needs the right selection, as the right knowledge can result in the skills and attitude. If there is the right talent in the company, then the support could be there in the organization functions, however, positive contribution of the people, will help the company to grow and achieve the objectives, the supervision, techniques can give the better results.  Moreover, if the company wants the improvement in productivity and need to enhance the company objectives focus on the organization profitability then there is the need to do the right hiring as the market reputation could be improved.

  • Performance Appraisal and Compensation

Performance Appraisal and Compensation is another organizational strategy if the company wants to prove to be effective in its functions, as trough recognizing that who is performing better in the organization. The functions could be carried out in the transparent manner and the employee’s development could be there because to get the rewards after the appraisals can be their desire and they can work for better result because they know that the fair evaluation process is there. The level of employee motivation can be enhance and there could be the positively affects as they can be attracted and maintained.

  • Training and Development

Training and Development could result in the continuous learning, which means growth, the growth of the employees is very important because, there can be the culture of continuous learning in the organization and the employees could be trained to learn skills in the efficient way. The satisfy employees, will make the satisfy customers or the stakeholder, the employees, in this way need to be trained. Sadara Chemical Company, of want to achieve the targets then there should be the effective experience, coaching and mentoring by the HR department (Armstrong, 2012).

3 Ways HR Professional Support Line Managers

  • Engagement with Line Managers

The Sadara workplace approach needs to be effective and in the right conditions, the professionals can support the line managers, through the engagement, as the values and goals of company can be discussed for the best each day. There is the need of the trust and integrity for the two-way commitment and that can be bought from the continuous engagement if there is need of business success.

  • Communication with Line Managers

There is the need of the effective and good communication, the professionals need to support the line managers with the effective communication, so that the win-win situation can be there, and they get the awareness about the company functions.

  • Performance Management

The performance management, need to be effectively plan, as the Sadara management team need to work together and  plan together, there can be the effective monitoring and review of the work objectives. However, the overall contribution needs to be reviewed for the effective performance.

3 Ways HR Professional Support Staff

  • Work Life Balance

The work-life balance is the effective strategy, in order to give support to the employees, as the people or worker in Saudi Arabia, need time for themselves and the families, so they can given the advantages of the flex-time policy, as this will help to restore and enhance the best talent in the company.

  • Discover the Needs

The need of the employees need to be discovered and resolved as the culture issues can be there in the company, however, honest feedback is important.

  • Communication and Feedback

The company is managing the ventures with the DOW and Saudi Aramco, so it is important to the communication with the employees, because it is the bridge between the between the managers and people, it can improve production and employees feel the importance. There can be the discussion about the performance and motivation and they can discuss the personal problem or frustration.

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