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YouTube Topic and Video Ideas for Real Estate Channels

YouTube is a bucket of Ideas, and you can get multiple ideas and guidance on YouTube. It’s suitable for all kinds of niches! Today, I’m going to share with you some ideas for real estate videos that will help your channel grow. I know it can be hard to come up with ideas, but don’t worry because this article has tons of great video ideas and topics for you to choose from. Also these ideas will help you to get more views. Without delay, let’s get this started.

How Important is YouTube for the Real Estate Field?


I think YouTube is essential for the real estate industry. If you are not using youtube, then you should start now. You can use Youtube as an online marketing tool to promote your business or service. In this case, it could be your real estate listings, and finding even more potential customers than before. But, maybe you just love Real estate and you want to share you passion? Even then, a channel is a great idea, as this niche is interesting yet not overly populated!

But before we get started, can’t stress out about the importance of being aware that YouTube success does not happen in one day, and you’ll have to be patient and keep pushing to get the organic traffic that your videos deserve. Eventually, also use some organic promotion, and you can buy real YouTube views on LenosTube or other websites – just make sure they are legit and their traffic promotion methods are organic.

So, before I will share with you a bunch of topic and video ideas for your YouTube channel, let me quickly recap some of the best tricks – which you should always keep in mind – to organically grow your channel and get more views, likes and subscribers on your real estate videos!

There are many ways to increase traffic on YouTube, such as:

  1. Create high-quality content. (the most important!)
  2. Use target keywords in the title and description.
  3. Add related videos. (end-screen, info cards)
  4. Use relevant tags to make sure your video gets found easily.
  5. Create playlists that connect similar content of your channel
  6. Create high quality thumbnails (eye catching, and with vivid colors)
  7. Create accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and promote your videos
  8. Build relationships with other influencers of the same niche.
  9. Upload frequently (at least once per week)
  10. Use youtube promotion (but organic, like the LenosTube we mentioned)

Topics & Ideas for Real Estate agency

Share a video of a realtor’s testimonial on social media.

If you want to ensure potential buyers see your listing, consider sharing a testimonial video on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In fact, a study revealed 2/3rds of people are driven to purchase because of a realtor testimonial. So if you don’t have one, start making some now.

Make an Introduction Video for Realtors

The introduction video is one of those things most agents don’t think about until it’s too late. And once you do shoot one, there’s no turning back. Here’s why it’s important and how to make it happen.

You’ve probably seen them before. The short, cheesy clips show off the best features of a house without giving away any details. They’re usually shot at night, so you can’t really tell what kind of property they’re showing. But even though they may look amateurish, these videos are incredibly effective at getting viewers interested in buying a particular home.

And according to a new study, they’re more likely to convert than a standard realtor photo. That’s right – just 30 seconds of footage could be enough to convince someone to buy a home.

So if you haven’t already created a realtor intro video, then you should. It doesn’t need to take long and won’t cost much. Just pick out a few shots of your listings and upload them to YouTube. Then sit back and watch the views roll in.

Showcase your Realtor Portfolio

Your realtor portfolio video is a powerful marketing tool. It’s a collection of your best real estate videos, presented beautifully to generate trust and reputation. A well-crafted realtor portfolio video can help you stand out from your competition, attract leads, and close deals faster.


  • Get inspired. Before creating your portfolio video, look at successful agents’ portfolios. What do they have in common? They’re visually attractive, professionally shot, and feature a variety of media types. So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming ideas now! You don’t necessarily have to shoot every single one of your current listings, but try to come up with a handful of great examples.
  • Write down your mission statement. In addition to showcasing your skill set, you want to convey the essence of why people should hire you. What does your ideal buyer look like? How much money do they earn? Where do they live? Make sure you capture these traits in your mission statement.
  • Create a list of your key benefits. Now that you know who your ideal buyer is think about the main reasons someone might choose you over another agent. Is it because you’re better at negotiating prices? Or maybe you specialize in certain areas such as luxury homes, foreclosures, short sales, etc.? Whatever it is, write it down here.
  • Choose a theme. Once you have a clear idea of what makes you unique, decide on a theme that ties together everything else. Here are a few examples: “I’m a full-service Realtor who specializes in luxury homes,” or “I’m a highly skilled negotiator.” Pick something that reflects your personality and helps you communicate your brand effectively.
  • Find a location. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the realtor portfolio videos of agents in your area. Are there any trends you see? Do you notice anything particular about their locations? Maybe they use a lot of natural light or have a beautiful view of downtown. Take note of these things, too.

Share Some Tips for Hiring a Real Estate Agent.

The best way to find out how much someone knows about something is to ask them questions. So I asked myself: What are the most common things that clients want to know about hiring a real estate agent? After doing my homework, I put together a list of 4 tips for hiring a realtor. Here it is:

  • Find a local realtor.
  • Ask friends & family for referrals.
  • Read reviews online
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Take phrases from your clients’ testimonials when they tell you why they like working with you. It will help you show off your unique qualities.

Share your Open House Calendar on Video and Invite People

Open houses are one of the most effective ways to attract quality leads. But many real estate agents don’t know how to market them properly. In fact, some agents still use old-fashioned paper invitations.

But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use video to promote your open house events. With today’s technology, it’s easy to make high-quality videos that showcase your listings. You can even upload the videos directly to Facebook and YouTube, where prospective clients can watch them.

Create a Property Listing Video

When it comes to selling a home, there’s no question about what works best: Listing videos. They help prospective buyers learn more about a property and make offers faster. And they work well for sellers too.

In fact, according to a study conducted by leading real estate brokerage team Pinto Realty Group, 63% of home buyers made an offer on a property they hadn’t physically viewed. But why do listing videos work so well? Here are some reasons why.

  • They give potential buyers a chance to see the property from every angle.
  • They provide a detailed overview of the property, including furnishings, landscaping, and features like pools and garages.
  • They show off the neighborhood and location.
  • They tell the story behind the property.
  • They include testimonials from previous owners.

Email and Social Media are Great Ways to spread the Word about your Impending Property Listing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential clients and customers. And according to a recent study, it works better than ever. The reason why emails with videos perform well is simple: people like watching things. They’re drawn to visual stimuli and spend less time reading something long and boring than something shorter and engaging. So if you want to increase the chances of getting your prospects’ attention, ensure that your email includes a video.

Besides, email marketing is a good way to turn website visitors into leads through an opt-into form and nurture them through visuals on email. For example, you could send out a video about how to choose the perfect paint color for your home or a small tour of the neighborhood where you’re looking to sell.

Create a Property Sale Announcement Video

Property sale announcements are one way to generate interest in your listings without having to do much work.

You don’t even have to write it yourself; there are plenty of templates online where you can just upload photos and add text.

But I recommend creating your own because you’ll have complete control over what goes into it. This way, you can make sure everything about it matches your brand.

And once you’ve got it set up, you can easily post it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here’s how it works: You start off by taking a few interior shots of the listing. Then, you walk around the outside of the building and shoot exterior photos.

Finally, you take a couple of professional headshots of yourself standing next to the property.

Share a Real Estate Market Update Video

Realtor.com recently shared a video called “COVID-19: How the Housing Market Is Affected.” In just over three minutes, the video explains what the coronavirus outbreak means for home buyers and sellers and gives tips on how to navigate the situation.

The video begins by explaining that many properties are affected by the pandemic. This includes homes that require renovation work, such as those undergoing major renovations or ones that need extensive repairs.

Next, the video details mortgages, noting that some lenders have stopped processing loan applications, others have extended mortgage terms, and others have suspended foreclosures.

Wrapping up

With these video ideas, you’re on your way to creating great real estate videos that’ll help you generate leads or get more views. Use these video ideas to improve your buyer acquisition strategy, turn viewers into buyers, or if you are not managing Real estate properties but you just love the niche, to get more and more views and grow your channel. Also, don’t forget about the advice we gave you in the beginning about the tips and tricks to optimize your channel to get more organic viewers.

Ensure that whatever idea you choose, you include your call-to-action (such as the real estate listing on your website) and contact information so that potential buyers can reach out to your listing agent!

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